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    Do you admire any youtube vloggers/reality tv stars?

    Other than Jordan Peterson I have to say there are not many I can think of:)
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    Bezos is getting Divorced

    history repeating itself
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    Crushing defeat

    cut back on the watching it can be unnerving giants fan I can relate it happens
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    anyone here use

    wanted to know who uses this site seems very friendly
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    Toxic Masculinity and Rape Culture

    reminds me of a documentary raw deal
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    Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

    Highly over rated if you are in your 40's wait till then live in Miami clinics all over loaded with those things hope you get better man
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    Anyone Part of Cool Whats App group here ?

    Been looking to get into one for ever !!!
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    Married With Children

    awesome (along with boy meets world)can never get tired of watching it
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    Does income determine value of the man

    I would say no and read a very eyeopening book call stumbling upon happiness
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    Apparently the octomom is doing good

    Here at work but googled her and seems to be doing good regardless of her situation
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    Fitness icon Mandy blank dead at 42

    Mandy blank was found dead over a week ago I really liked her and work in the fitness world
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    would you sleep with this girl? this girl
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    would you sleep with this girl?

    just google zoey oneill hot ass white girl
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    would you sleep with this girl?

    goggle zoey oneil hot ass white girl :)
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    For all yhe guys over 30

    my biggest regret not plating a sport and not dropping out earlier public school suck and its true the ealier you get a grasp on music and sports the better
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    For all yhe guys over 30

    If you were to do it all again in life what would you have done different?Me I would have taken up guitar and played a team sport:rockon:
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    Are carmen elektra boobs real?

    I have a ten dollar bet riding on this can anyone help me:);)
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    I for one love crossfit .i live in miami where it is big.Pros?It get you fit fast.It also has some of the best looking girls I have seen fit bu no that manly.Cons it will have to be the certification process .I also belive mor gyms should have people use kettlebells.Another flaw it is expensive...
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    Dean Martin is truly awesome

    I mean I like him sucks what happend to his son:)
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    To all my entertainment lawyers and paralegals on here:)

    If I manage someone career and instead of going with an entertainment lawyers for a contract can I get him or her on tape stating my intentions and have that tape hold up in court?