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  1. kbbroiler1971

    Girlfriend met Ex boyfriend.

    Okay. I'm always concerned when an ex opens a door for another ex just from my past experience. It's like emotional cheating regardless if anything happened or not. It's just the drama element that is going on also. Women feed off drama. They'll say they don't but the truth is they do. I'm not...
  2. kbbroiler1971

    Preventing oneitis

    Also another important fact to remember. Women can cry a good game. You have to remember they are emotional so they can cry at will for anything. So don't be fooled by tears. Now I'm talking about if any of these women want to eventually be exclusive. Women are not sincere about feelings towards...
  3. kbbroiler1971

    Dating an woman in her 40's

    To answer your question. Yes most of them are this way on dating sites. Do you know how many times I've been asked what my intentions are right off? These women who ****ed up with their own life are trying to rope men in to saving them. I'm very straight forward with women over 40. I tell them...
  4. kbbroiler1971

    To Those Spending Christmas Alone

    Okay, I know this post is well past Christmas Day but this year was the first time I was able to go to the gym and work out. Fit4Less locations are always open. Then I came home talked to a friend for about 45 mins. Then after I did something I should not have done. I read an article days before...
  5. kbbroiler1971

    Older Woman Wants me to be More Open

    Single mom and divorced twice. Of course, she wants you to be open with her. She wants validation and reassurance. However, you do know dating a woman who has been married two times is a huge red flag. Also, how does she talks about her exes? I bet she trashes them. That's another red flag. If...
  6. kbbroiler1971

    survey: Half of Women Have a “Plan B” Guy If Their Relationship Goes Bad

    Okay, I've read articles that stated 50% but I believe that number is larger. I'm not saying 100% but I would say 80 to 90% of women have a backup plan. They have too many guys talking to them offering them **** as Chris Rock would say.
  7. kbbroiler1971

    Caught girlfriend cheating just now.

    No poem. Disappear without a trace. The only reason you are compelled to do this is that of your ego. Silence is better than leaving any evidence.
  8. kbbroiler1971

    Rollo is right

    Being a man is a never-ending work in progress. To achieve greatness it is in the mindset 365/24/7 366 on leap years but you get my point.
  9. kbbroiler1971

    I really wish I never tried online dating you guys

    Okay this is the problem with online dating which every guy will have a problem with. Online dating gives women a false validation of their value. It's because they have 500 guys messaging them so women think they are in demand. Then this even includes the bottom feeders like single mothers and...
  10. kbbroiler1971

    Devastated Me

    Okay I was nice but then I read the part about soul mates and then I almost fell out of my chair in laughter. Dude there is no such thing as soul mates or romantic love. You caught in the Disney world where this type of love does not exist. Women love because of the stuff we do for them or as...
  11. kbbroiler1971

    Devastated Me

    Okay Shouldalearn I don't believe you are at fault for your suspicions Number 1. You gut is usually right. Always listen to your gut. Second. The way she reacted speaks volumes. There is nothing more offensive than hearing the truth. You could have been on of the guys in her circle and she might...
  12. kbbroiler1971


    Okay I'm going to give my insight here. You mentioned dating someone in the workplace and having it not pan out. I did this and it was a huge mistake. Now to be fair I was 18 years old when I did this so I didn't know any better. I didn't think what if it didn't work out. I was very bitter...
  13. kbbroiler1971

    I feel good

    Good for you for declining. Women just don't get the deal. Once you say I want to separate it's over. There is none of this half ass ****. I'm telling you she is probably having second thoughts and feels more distraught than you are. Women always look for a backup situation even through a hug.
  14. kbbroiler1971

    Why getting women is painful

    Howiestern made excellent points here. This is the thing which is damaging men as boys because of the lack of competition from K to 12. I don't know in everyone's neck of the woods but a friend of mine is a teacher and he told me they don't fail kids anymore. The push them through the school...
  15. kbbroiler1971

    Have You Considered a Vasectomy?

    I had a vasectomy in April of 2015 and no regrets here. The procedure is not that long either. I was in and out in less than 2 hours. However, a lot of your reasons were my reasons as well. As long as you are 100%you do not want to have kids, it's worth it.
  16. kbbroiler1971

    Stuck in a Rut

    Dude, I think you need focus and I'm assuming you don't work out. I would hit the gym. Then do meditation and yoga. That's what I do to center myself. However, I know what you are talking about being frustrated because I used to get the same from women and from friends. You might need to go monk...
  17. kbbroiler1971

    Cancelling a date due to perceived low-interest

    Okay, what you are experiencing is a case of her being entitled to do whatever and you can't do the same thing. I would cut her lose and tell her the reason. I seriously doubt she had a cold. She probably thought she had a better offer and it fell through. Her excuse is very lame.
  18. kbbroiler1971

    What are your requirements to marry her?

    Not getting married so no list. I live in a world of absolutes. I don't ever think about what if was like this because I know those women are few and far between.
  19. kbbroiler1971

    "Any girl would want you/"You're a good man."

    Now I don't know your situation but if you are financially stable it could mean they see you as beta future considerations or maybe they friend zoned you. Either way, it seems they don't have genuine desire for you because if they saw you as Alpha you would have already had sex with them. If by...
  20. kbbroiler1971

    How do you pursue success and women at the same time?

    Pursue women and success is pretty easy because you focus on yourself and then you will see women orbiting you. So with me, I have my business along with my full-time job and then I go to the gym. Women are everywhere so it's not concentrating on them. You focus on you and you will get scenarios...