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  1. Howiestern

    Beauty of a woman due to the LOVE she gets from her man

    The best is finding one like you describe that is attractive yet isn't derailed by the attention. I've got one of those.
  2. Howiestern

    A beer and a story

    Always care less about the relationship than they do. Honor respect, and loyalty are not things that mean as much to women as they do men. Her getting a new place was a big disrespect to you and your relationship. Always let them go when they pull stunts like this. She has no desire to...
  3. Howiestern

    Do alpha males pay for sex?

    Please explain your definition of a GFE?
  4. Howiestern

    Do alpha males pay for sex?

    If I had a son, I'd buy him a hooker at age 18 to help him understand pu$$y isn't anything special. I'd let him know that there will be women that come into his life that shouldn't be treated any different. One nite stands, girls you really aren't that into, hookers, etc.....it's about...
  5. Howiestern

    Do alpha males pay for sex?

    Some of you think way too much and it will make success with women more difficult. But back to the subject, it's like a release....one level more than masturbation. That's it.
  6. Howiestern

    Men are now more likely to be single than women. It's not a good sign.

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the fact that this is the fattest population of women that the USA has had ever. Whats in it for a guy? Unless you find fatties attractive.
  7. Howiestern

    Why Do Men have No rights in Marriage/Divorce?

    Men are seen as resources and meant to be consumed. They send us to war first. They don't care about prostate cancer, just female breast cancer. There are no men's rights groups. When the ship starts sinking, it's women and children on the life boats first. Men are expected to pay the...
  8. Howiestern

    What is your weakness?

    I always liked hot girls that lit up the room, were a fun time, and p0rnstars in bed. The problem with those types is they are typically crazy. I always tried to overlook the bad with all the good. At the end of the day they had a lot of heart and passion which I liked. It was easy when it...
  9. Howiestern

    Are you dark triad?

    I lean to the high side of the percentiles except for narcissism. Women respond well to guys with dark triad traits. It's helped me be successful I'm sure. I think most people initially underestimate me due to me not being a narcissist. It's amazing how many are fooled by narcissists. Guys...
  10. Howiestern

    Should I skip a date?

    Way too much analysis. Jeezus. It's just basic attraction. This is how your turn girls off.
  11. Howiestern

    Cant get her out of my mind

    Learn from your past experiences with women. That's how you grow and understand yourself better which leads you to make better choices in regards to women. We've all had that one that seemed to have it all yet are not good long term choices. Once the years go by you will come to understand it...
  12. Howiestern

    Counterproductive tropes/beliefs/ideologies

    Black and white rules applied to every girl. Learn to calibrate to each girl for the greatest chances with intended targets. But first Learn to read people, figure out the personality types, and you can steer the conversation your direction every time.
  13. Howiestern

    Thought I had seen it all but some things shock even me

    They all are that way. Don't ever forget that.
  14. Howiestern

    Do U think women reject men who've been w/ prostitutes because it's an indication of being a loser?

    Or guys with "value" don't pay for sex. They have no clue. I don't worry about what they think on this topic. They have no clue about male reality. Men get female reality better than females get male reality.
  15. Howiestern

    Women do not comprehend apologies. Don’t do it.

    The one who cares the least wins. Apologies put you in the loser bracket. Do so sparingly. I didn't make the rules, its just how it is. As the years go by and relationships come and go, its becomes more clear to me who the better human is.
  16. Howiestern

    Having a business card to give to women

    I tried the business card thing years ago when I didn't know what I was doing...didn't work at all. Women want to be turned on by your mind and what you have to offer. Its how you make them feel strongly about yourself. A business card doesn't do that. You need a personal connection.
  17. Howiestern

    What are good direct openers for fast-moving pairs?

    "You two look like some ladies I need to know. " Be ready to tell them why.
  18. Howiestern

    I get farther with women when I'm nice

    You definitely can succeed being "nice", however there will come a time in short and long term relationships when you will need to drop the hammer. If she doesn't think you are a dik once in a while she doesn't fully respect you. My long term girl was getting a little bitchy lately and hard...
  19. Howiestern

    Have you or will you teach the game to your kids?

    If I ever had a son I'd give him the open book to women. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I'd tell him to work hard, make good money, and go after as many hotties as he can get and never settle down until he got everything he could get.
  20. Howiestern

    Why are there so many cucks like this?

    Why wouldn't an average male with not a lot going on, low ambition, no dating skills not be? Did the porn cause the problem? I don't think so...porn was the "go to" after he realized he didn't have what it took.