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  1. EyeOnThePrize

    Girlfriend Has Texted Male Friend for Two Years

    True masculinity is unwavering vulnerability. In other words, dare her to leave. Not in a mean way, but consider hitting the gym, practicing your charm, upgrading your wardrobe, and appearance, going out and networking more, etc. This self improvement will make you feel strong and more...
  2. EyeOnThePrize

    The problem I have with self improvement (rant)

    I mean all your accomplishments are due to your own choices. It doesn't sound like you've leveraged your network, or you otherwise haven't fostered a beneficial one, so it's not fair to compare those fruits to your solo ones. It should be obvious that an orchestrated group can always accomplish...
  3. EyeOnThePrize

    The problem I have with self improvement (rant)

    @sangheilios I see one hole in your thinking, and I used to have a similar thought pattern when I did nothing but grind all day; that is that you're 'too good' to hang out with certain people. Success isn't measured by the amount of things you can't tolerate. I would argue it's the opposite...
  4. EyeOnThePrize

    I get farther with women when I'm nice

    That's why I'm asking for details, what's the demographic? How many girls do you think they've met or slept with before committing? At 30, I'm not crazy about a relationship when there are more women in the world than seconds in my lifetime. One woman for life or multiple years seems like an...
  5. EyeOnThePrize

    I get farther with women when I'm nice

    Then reply with substance and point it out, otherwise wtf are we doing? 'getting far' could mean anything, that's what I found vague. Also we know nothing about how cucked your friends are in these relationships, or what kind of guys they are or where they're getting women.
  6. EyeOnThePrize

    I get farther with women when I'm nice

    This post is full of ambiguity. First off, you can get laid often if you disregard your self respect. You can choose women that take more than they give, you can choose to put pu$sy over your career, it all depends on your priorities. This doormat mentality is unfortunately what most men...
  7. EyeOnThePrize

    Insulin resistance

    One milk chocolate bar a week is enough to keep you fat af, especially if you're over 30.
  8. EyeOnThePrize

    Ok ok....helpful answers only...I don't need sarcasm

    @_sideways_ You seem pretty wrapped up in what happens at this house, as though you have nothing else going on. You could win over everyone by taking an interest in the family industry, or otherwise crush it in life and buy your own place. The venture would also show you a plethora of women...
  9. EyeOnThePrize

    Cooking is Sexy

    That's exactly the point. They don't even have to be good artists. It's their display of will and self confidence against obvious adversary that gets them laid. The truth is no man has to cook a 5 star meal to get laid.
  10. EyeOnThePrize

    Cooking is Sexy

    That shouldn't be your main selling point but yes, being capable of sustaining yourself is attractive, to all people, not just women. A reserve of skills is true power, it'll attract fortune in all aspects of your life. Showing skill/mastery or even the appearance of mastery (c0ckiness)...
  11. EyeOnThePrize

    Modern women - boring with little to offer, but expecting...what, exactly?

    Tinder isn't a place to be humble. Get some pics of you in your best clothes looking dapper af. Flaunt whatever you have that's impressive, make it seem like nbd. It's the bottom tier dating app with no barrier for entry, so expect the most bland, most boring qualities to be the most common...
  12. EyeOnThePrize

    Urgent Help: Harassment accusation

    You didn't answer my question. Why do you think you're expected to express regret or apologize? What exactly do you think you did wrong?
  13. EyeOnThePrize

    Urgent Help: Harassment accusation

    You're cowing to her playing the victim, and making yourself out to be a huge creep by going back on your actions by wanting to apologize instantly. You're obviously too wrapped up emotionally to remain logical about the situation, or you're just super green. It's the only way I can explain...
  14. EyeOnThePrize

    Girl I rejected walks by my house on the regular....

    There are literally billions of women on this planet and you've concluded this one doesn't interest you, and she has a boyfriend. Go talk to other women that do interest you. This post smells of humble brag. There's no question of strategy or request for insight. Just so we're clear OP, women...
  15. EyeOnThePrize

    Can someone red-pill me on the safety of tap water?

    Afaik the estrogen is largely from cattle production. The waste contains a c0cktail of hormones given to them to prevent disease and bulk them up, which has them producing large amounts of estrogen. The amount of estrogen from human birth control is insignificant by comparison...
  16. EyeOnThePrize

    I'm struggling financially. Any tips?

    Why not post this in the wealth section? You can do literally anything for money, so pick something you enjoy and get creative.
  17. EyeOnThePrize

    If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.

    If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.
  18. EyeOnThePrize

    Mental strength

    The act of falling off a wagon and binging is a normal phenomenon. You over correct towards health, then over correct back with a binge after a cheat day. The bigger issue is most likely forgiving yourself when you fall off the wagon. The moment you realize you're off course, is a time to...
  19. EyeOnThePrize

    What To Do When She Is Genuinely Impressive?

    That's an incredibly low standard. Surely you have ideals that you're looking for? It doesn't hurt to reserve judgement and let that air of suspense manifest in a woman's mind. Besides, you should always be deciding to yourself how you can make life and the relationship better, even if that...
  20. EyeOnThePrize

    What To Do When She Is Genuinely Impressive?

    Hot girls come in all flavors, baddies, church girls, and everything in between. All you're really saying is you want to be attracted to her, which is the case for every man. Your responses to her saying something about herself are very bland and lack any substance. "Wow that's impressive" adds...