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    The Myth of 'The Natural'

    The other night I talked on the phone with one of my buddies. We'll call him Mark. Mark is one of a handful of guys I've met my whole life who I'd consider a 'Natural.' We've known each other about 8 years; he's a couple years older than me and was really the one who showed me the ropes...
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    Gratitude & Game

    I guess it's that time of year lol. Be thankful, motherfvckers. But on a more serious note, I want to expand on something that I've touched on before but that I think is an integral part of sustaining an internal sense of value & an external motivation for success: With women, with your...
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    The Truth About 'Game' vs LMS

    First thing first: Actual Value =/= Perceived Value Anyone disagree? Are Jordan 11s worth $240? Objectively, functionally, relative to their utility or quality of construction or aesthetic appeal or durability in regards to other shoes that cost much less, no. But, on the other hand, they...
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    Abundance: You Probably Still Care Too Much

    Neediness has many forms: The obvious ones, like being overly available, constantly texting a girl you're interested in, giving up doing things and seeing people you enjoy to 'not rock the boat.' Most of us here are aware of those issues and have (hopefully) mostly corrected them. But there's...
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    #MeToo - What it means for you & How to move forward

    I was typing this up in another thread that suddenly disappeared, but I think this is something that needs to be posted. I've gotten into it with multiple poster on this site about this very thing. You don't need money/social status/material object to get laid--in fact, it's more often an...
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    Accept the Ups & Downs: Learn to Love Losing

    After an epic run to kick off 2017, I thought I had the game totally figured out. Women were awesome. I was a God. I literally couldn't lose. But in the past month & a half, I've hit a major rough patch. In that time, I've met probably 8 top-shelf girls (which is an insane amount for me...
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    Maintaining Leverage with the Different Types of Girls You'll Meet

    Leverage. This post from another thread, along with watching a tackling video on Youtube, sparked a couple connections that I've seen over the past couple years. I think we can all agree that women will only fvck a man whose value she perceives to be higher than her own. And I think we can...
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    Don't Try So Hard

    OK, if you're just starting out then, yeah, you will have to 'try.' You'll have to consciously integrate alpha behaviors; you'll probably, at various points (assuming you're taking action and not just mentally mastvrbating on SS), come across as too much of a jerk, too aggressive, too...
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    Why You Should Love & Respect Women (Even the Sh1tty Ones)

    So you've probably read the title and were like, WTF, fastlife, the whole reason I'm here is because I tried to love women and treat them with respect and that sh1t didn't work and women are evil and I got laid way more when I started treated them like easily replaceable objects. To this I say...
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    Create your own Confidence: How to be YOU

    Welp, gentlemen, lost my Friday night waiting on a flakey wing; so I figured I'd do a post I've been brainstorming for the past week--sort of a continuation of what I touched on in Stagnation at SoSuave: When Frame is Weakness. In another thread, @LiveYourDream touched on something that's easy...
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    Stagnation at SoSuave: When Frame is Weakness

    You know what you like: You don't cold approach because you don't like it. You don't go to night clubs because you don't like them. You don't text girls because you don't like it. You next first and ask questions later; better safe than sorry, and it's damned convenient if you can write off...
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    Good and Bad Emotions

    Was gonna respond to this in @Almax 's thread but felt it warranted its own thread. It's a recurring theme that I've seen on SoSuave--the conflation of emotional repression with emotional strength, and it's been a recurring issue for me up until the past 5 or 6 months. I was raised in an...
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    All The Girls We'll Never Meet: Fastlife's Accountability Journal

    OK, so about a month and a half ago I made an agreement with myself that I was going to approach every single attractive girl I see from now until the time I'm dead or (God forbid) married. Whether she's with her boyfriend or her parents or I'm driving by and she's standing at the scene of a...
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    You and Your Ego

    Was in the process of responding to @Glumix's thread: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/index.php?threads/i-am-really-sad-tonight.232398/page-2 but realized it was the 'Mature Man' section and didn't want to upset the mods. Their reaction isn't your responsibility. If you're being authentic to...
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    How to stay interested in plates?

    So I've been back in the game for a couple months after my first LTR and have found myself falling back into an old pattern. I have no problem finding plates, but once I have a few plates spinning I suddenly lose interest in all of them and just want to drop all of them once. Even girls I...