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  1. Howiestern

    Relationship Endings

    What female behaviors typically caused you to throw in the towel? For me it was: 1.) DRAMA- the closer they got, the further I pulled away, and the more drama there was. I tolerated too much and hung around too long multiple times. 2.) CHEATING- only had 1, it was a tough decision to end a...
  2. Howiestern

    2nd Date Update

    They have this call in radio show called 2nd date update. Basically a couple goes on a first date, and for whatever reason doesn't lead to a 2nd date. So they get both parties on the air and explain what went wrong. Today a chic called in to ask why she Never heard from the guy after the...
  3. Howiestern

    Confident People vs. Insecure People

    I saw this the other day and thought it applied very well to men and women and how they interact with each other. Strive to be a "confident" man and your results with women will improve greatly. Confidence will serve you well in every aspect of life. Confidence is the root of all success...
  4. Howiestern

    Had a little fun with some Tinder girl playing games.

    My buddy and I often screenshot our online dating matches and compare notes. We had one we both matched with and were talking to for about 2 days. Girl was showing solid interest with both of us. Neither of us cares what happens. To test these girls we typically set up dates at the same...
  5. Howiestern

    I confess.....I broke all the rules!

    Yes I did. Had an OLD girl I met. Turns out my buddy was talking to her as well. So to mess with her we both asked her to meet up at the same time. She requested that he take her to some high dollar steak place. She wanted to reschedule me for lunch. We both said no. We both kept texting...
  6. Howiestern

    Foreign Women(Non- American)

    I joined a foreign dating site(no costs) out of curiousity. Pretty much every country is represented. Its painfully obvious that what we have here in the good ole USA these days is a bunch of overweight entitled HB6's. The site has a very good percentage of HB8's and 9's with no kids. Its...
  7. Howiestern

    Cheers to 2018!

    This is a happy thread! Keep it light and fun. Post whatever you want. As I sit here reflecting back on 2018 I am thankful for all the good times I had and the women that made it all possible. -Thank you to the nurse that only wanted to come to my house, drink ,and dance all night in my...
  8. Howiestern

    Field Report

    Was out partying with some friends last night. I was in a group with 2 other guys and 1 chic who was pretty attractive which helped draw attention. My buddy and I noticed this HB8 that kept checking us out. He went and said hi to her and nothing much transpired. Later on I caught her...
  9. Howiestern

    The dating results of a sociopathic narcissist

    I've got a friend who has been officially diagnosed as a sociopathic narcissist. He is early 40's, good face, average height, 30lbs over weight, truck driver, bankrupt, lives in an average apartment, no hobbies other than women, drinks a lot, and smokes a little weed, and probably a sex addict...
  10. Howiestern

    Ghosted on the 2nd Date!

    It happened. First time for everything. Had a first date a week ago with a HB8 that was a few years younger than me. Had a nice dinner and drinks at 2 venues. Good convo, pretty solid date. Before dropping her off at her car we had some real passionate kissing and felt her up with no...
  11. Howiestern

    Movie: The Female Brain

    The Female Brain - Trailer Watched this movie the other night. Pretty comical. It's about several couples and how the man and woman interact with each other. I'm sure most will be able to relate and have a few laughs. The movie also throws out a few gems on why women act like they do: 1...
  12. Howiestern

    Imblanced/Balanced Relationships

    Out of all the girls that were really into you, were you into them as much as they were you? Its very rare for me to have a 50/50 relationship with a girl, and if I do it doesn't last long......she usually loses interest. I've had many that were 60/40 with me caring less about the...
  13. Howiestern

    Roller Coaster of Women Report

    #1 I've been dating a HB8 2 years older than me that I really connected with mentally as she did me. Very equally matched. Hit it off on the phone before we even went out. Everything was rolling along fine until her life got real busy(Super Mom to 2 older kids) and after 3wks of being...
  14. Howiestern

    What attracts crazy?

    If you are a guy that has attracted your fair share of crazy girls.......what is it in you that attracts them? I consider myself a very stable person that is good at keeping my emotions in check. I'm not needy, codependent or anything along those lines. I don't put up with with their bs very...
  15. Howiestern

    Female Hypergamy

    I started to get sick of the HB8-9s and their flaky behavior on Bumble and decided to run a fun experiment. I began right swiping every girl there was. Within an hour i had several matches. Most were all below HB6. I am at least a 7 and maybe an 8 to some girls. The typical convo went like...
  16. Howiestern

    A lesson in history

    In the 1920's there was a famous bootlegger named George Remus who owned several distilleries in Ohio and Kentucky and became extremely wealthy. He was very close to his wife and trusted her immensely. She did the financial books when his regular employees could not be trusted. He made his...
  17. Howiestern

    the taste of winning

    After months of struggling on what my approach with women should be I have finally found some clarity. I’m early 40’s and started this journey 10 years ago. I’ve had every type of woman imaginable from strippers to executive vice presidents. I’ve had one night stands, 3 week relationships, 3...
  18. Howiestern

    Female Attraction

    We see on here that there are plenty ways to attract women, everybody has what works best for them. What works for them, might be different for you and varies with the woman. What is your most powerful tool for attracting women? Money, looks, status, confidence, personality, charm, etc. Mine...
  19. Howiestern

    Recent Revelry and Late Night Fornicating

    Last Friday night I had a date set up with some random from Bumble. Previously we swapped a few messages. She was very easy to deal with and showed high interest so I thought it was a sure deal….but with women you never know. About 45minutes before our date, I text her to let her know I will...
  20. Howiestern

    Which one of you did this? lol

    I was talking to a Bumble girl I accidentally right swiped. HB6-ish. 34yo. Nurse. She told me she hardly ever right swipes but gets plenty of matches. But there are also tons of creepy dudes on there. So I asked her what they did to come across as creepy: 1. Send dihk pics. Happens on a...