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  1. Focal core

    Money are the most important thing to .... women

    Well money does buy you a women, not desire or hots for you, todays modern women earn for themselves, hats off for wealthycells. $$$$$$
  2. Focal core

    Sosuave should be the conference centre for all men

    Since i joined Sosuave on Dec 2017, This site should be the ultimate council for masculine and intelligence men where they congregate , consult and discussed. This site is an epitome of that and it should be compulsory to all men if they seek meaning and navigate life and relationship with...
  3. Focal core

    What do you guys think about this

    Recently i come across a women at office that gave me lots of ioi, like teasing me, smiling accross the hallway, eye fcking contact. Put herself in my proximity various of times. The things is i always saw her with one her male colleague, a good looking guy but shorter than me.. they go lunch...
  4. Focal core

    Tinder experiment

    Boredom made me doing this and the result were unbelievable.. 1 tinder acc made my age 41 2nd tinder account put at my age 25 On both account i filtered to swipe on 30-40 yrs age of women.. Shockingly 1st tinder account didnt get much women to swipe on and they all somewhat unattractive /...
  5. Focal core

    Why divorce rates could spike after the pandemic ends

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/why-divorces-may-spike-after-covid-19-according-divorce-lawyer-2020-7%3famp Another wave of disaster soon. Im for one had observed many couple stayed compromised during this lockdown, theres no playful, loving interplay between two couple...
  6. Focal core

    When youre at age 40

    Whats the criteria you seek in women? For myself. 1. Women at nearing 40 years of age possibly in their late 30's 2. Aging gracefully. 3. Emotionally stable. 4. Are still in shape 5. Financially resilience in manner of should have less debt. At her age. Might be look like this..
  7. Focal core

    Don Juan killer has emerged!!

    Its time for us to know that DJ were on the killer list...
  8. Focal core

    Hair transplant tomorrow

    Hey guys, will go for left and right side frontal temple area HT since my prp proof to be futile after 3rd session.. :confused: Any tips especially from those who have experience?
  9. Focal core

    Does one catching covid during sex

    Well obviously i cant hold on smashing chick for years.. Its already being a year and numbers wont go down any sooner.. What are the precoutions? Bring along your sanitizer? Wear facemask does it work? Right now its horror seeing people die everyday and masses suffering from the viruses for...
  10. Focal core

    Physical appealing of height, face, muscular.

    I wonder which are a hit for most girl to turn their head on you? Myself im 6ft, attracts only certain type of girl, then i get muscular, didnt notice any abrupt change, when i tightens my looks (face) bam, getting girls giving eyefvckin aeveryday till its getting annoyed in real life, So...
  11. Focal core

    What does narcissist do wheb they sense youre physically/emotionally checking out.

    I'm thinking of letting go 1 active narcicist begun as an very short LTR. Im thinking of putting her in my orbiters status, seemingly shes not just that harley quinn type of narc that i would like to hang around.. This malignant narc im currently with are too boring to even played with, lol...
  12. Focal core

    How do you rate a girl?

    In a situation when the girl body are particularly hot like hb9, face on 7 territory and her personality reflect of a quality women? Im considering her for my LTR.
  13. Focal core

    Vaccines for covid19 is out

    So i heard and will distribute soonest as its on its way. Any thought about this will change the way back to old ways?
  14. Focal core

    Did you ever notice girls starting to ignore guys during this pandemics or im just delusional??

    Before this pandemics ive always got ioi, ddbl from random attractive girls anywhere i walks, but now the numbers sharply decline, i wonders if this has to do about their worried of others more important things eg. Financial, layoff,, furlough that has been haunting every cities. Any thought on...
  15. Focal core

    Another move by feminist

    Lol i cracked a laughter seeing this, it even mention in the article you dont need 'y' chromosomes to be a man, and shes as well as known for her Bpd traits rite? https://www.ccn.com/taylor-swift-is-the-man-and-shes-the-one-selling-toxic-masculinity/
  16. Focal core

    Dont be so serious

    Let have some fun :) Dating life for newbies :rofl: :rofl:
  17. Focal core

    Finally they admit it.

    With feminist in the rise here, this is what happened. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/10/malaysia039s-shrinking-families#0ViqsRDMxTUXdBDb.03 I see husband facing the charges, behind the walls so frequently, and finally men begin to realize.
  18. Focal core

    Having a degree?

    What do you guys think when you already has a gratifying job by using only your skills and plow your way through it and suddently you wanted to pursue having your degrees to secure more opportunities in the future. In today's climate where most likely everyone has their degree and sits below...
  19. Focal core

    Blue pills nice guys perfect husband

    This is well very interesting example: A wife seeking a divorce due to her husband too perfect, feels smothering https://says.com/my/news/woman-wants-divorce-because-she-feels-choked-by-husband-s-extreme-love-and-affection