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Search results for query: college

  1. J

    The question below is for men who are generally opposed to getting married

    I see your point. Women can change. In fact: WOMEN DO CHANGE! This reminds me of a conversation I had with a female friend who admitted that if I marry a woman she will change after we are married. Maybe I should stay unmarried!
  2. Black Widow Void

    The question below is for men who are generally opposed to getting married

    ...she was approaching egg expiring time, she wanted a child. He considered divorcing her, but stuck with it and they have a daughter now in college. He really loves his daughter, but he's also told me in private that he would have rather had a childless marriage. As to your question, only...
  3. Plinco

    When is too old for men to have kids?

    A man's peak depends on what he does and who he is. About having children, always ask what is in your rational self-interest; everybody is different and it is your responsibility to know yourself.
  4. S

    How do you get a girl's number when shes with another guy(Not her boyfriend)

    ...in the next day or two, which is good. In that case, your hesitation the other night becomes irrelevant. Also, since you are a senior in college, you're at an interesting point. You may not be able to start up anything long term because you might move to another city post graduation. You...
  5. S

    Do you think normie-tier men are putting up with psycho women because it's the only way to get an otherwise decent plate?

    Did you play NCAA college football? That's situational alpha. I'm sure you got some vagina from that. Playing an NCAA sport can carry you with the women after your NCAA career is up (assuming 0 days of pro sports) until you're 30.
  6. R

    Do you think normie-tier men are putting up with psycho women because it's the only way to get an otherwise decent plate?

    A guy I played football with in college was the nicest dude you could ever want to know, didn’t drink or cuss or anything. But I was scared to death of him, wouldn’t fight him if he was mugging my mother. Women would never see him as alpha or dark but I knew better he’d fvck me up if he wanted to.
  7. S

    Where do you go to meet women in 2021?

    ...are common sports for co-ed sports leagues. You'll be doing a lot of activity groups in certain interests to build a social circle post college. Yes, cold approaching is time consuming and a low success rate. So is app swiping. In a way, it's better to do some foundational work for 6-12...
  8. S

    Dating a journalist, and her politics are...

    Yes! Majoring in journalism is silly for anyone who has started college since 2007. Legacy media started dying around then. Some mediums have fared worse than others. Even online-only media outlets have had business models issues but are perceived as cooler. TV cable news has an aging...
  9. S

    When is too old for men to have kids?

    ...to potentially impact your retirement plans. If a man at 40 has a kid, he'll be 58 when the kid finishes high school. If the kid attends college and graduates on time, that is age 62. Men around age 60 are planning for retirement. Also, older men have to take job security into consideration...
  10. B

    Suave1's Approach/Dating Journal

    So the same guy approached two women? Wow. Who'd have thought that a man could find more than one woman attractive?
  11. S

    T-shirt: Hi, Pregnant, I'm Step Dad

    ...otherwise you will struggle and often turn to fapping. All boys high school also doesn't prepare a man for the social environments of most colleges. All boys high schools are typically college preparatory (at least academically). Most graduates go to 4 year colleges and most graduates are...
  12. Dash Riprock

    What went wrong ??

    ...some "coaching" he's delivered from his SS days, but he's also been married for YEARS and writes from a largely hypothetical perspective. Kind of like the college professor who teaches classes on entrepreneurship but has never actually started, owned, and navigated a startup business to...
  13. B

    Got a situation I want to run by some of you more experienced guys

    Like I said, I get that she could be lying. She was in a relationship for 10 years all throughout college where she was faithful to this boyfriend of hers. Regardless of what her actual number may or may not be, I'm about 10x higher so stuff like that doesn't make me insecure, even if she WERE...
  14. devilkingx2

    Is it a bad idea to tell a woman via text that: You don't pay for sex.

    ...walk around half naked like that. She would be more modestly dressed. To be a cop you need to be from a middle class family and have gone to college, in addition they tend to be more conservative because obviously a cop is tough on crime and right wingers support police more than left...
  15. Focal core

    All of this rejection is making me depressed

    All these screaming blackpill.. They ride the cc without battling an eyes for chad who refuse to commit .. And creating endless of excuses for average men. This creates a large pool of leftovers wimmen still hoping to lock em down until they died. Sad truly sad tho. Lol
  16. S

    All of this rejection is making me depressed

    ...idea how they do it. I've seen Indian men in my metro area spam approach white women like there was no tomorrow. I can't recall ever seeing a college educated white male do as many approaches as some Indian men I've seen. I have come to believe in pushing back when hearing the "IHAB" line...
  17. S

    The problem I have with self improvement (rant)

    ...to relocations or other factors swipe and text like maniacs and settle for whatever will go out on a 4th date with them. They might have a college degree and a good paying job, which will attract some mediocre woman in her 30s. Alphas can achieve from either social networks, cold...
  18. M

    What is in Dominoes Pizza?

    When I’m on a diet... I will often get orgasmic when I splurge and eat foods I actually enjoy! In college I got shredded... pretty much all fish and veggies... did that for 12 weeks... I then rewarded myself with a dozen glazed crispy cream donuts.... best moment of my life
  19. R

    settling with an average in looks girl

    ...observation. Apply this timeless truth (women like status) to society at large, and you'll see it play out fairly consistently as well. In college, the hottest sorority girls will bang the pre-selected drunk frat boys in their Greek circle with beer guts over the mysterious, handsome...
  20. RangerMIke

    If you were hired to teach a course on how to be funny to men who wanted to attract women...

    ...so I got good at it. I didn't learn I was dyslectic until after I joined the Army and was tested for it. I made it all the way through college reading at about 1/4 the speed of a normal person.... I did terrible in all standardized testing, accept the math portions which I breezed through...