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  1. dark god

    Prince Harry

    Abe simpsons the man lol
  2. dark god

    Has suicide ever crossed any of your minds even though you would never do it?

    7 years old..I mean I had a suspicion but my ex wifes brother told me. Appearently my ex was runnin around town bragging about it. ( I lived a hour away and pick up my son on the weekends)
  3. dark god

    Prince Harry

    Say what?
  4. dark god

    Dating a Nightshift Nurse

    What this man said
  5. dark god

    Dating a Nightshift Nurse

    Worked at 2 hospitals..bat**** crazy but demons in the sack..have fun but know when to cut bait GO GETEM CHAMP
  6. dark god

    Are there any supplements that actually work for old age?

    Puts on alot of water weight though..unless they changed the formula..havent used it in like 20 years
  7. dark god

    Why do I not find my wife attractive?

    "Been married for over a year and have not had sex, not because she didn't want it, but because I did not want to do" That statement alone has me baffled
  8. dark god

    Has suicide ever crossed any of your minds even though you would never do it?

    When I found out my son wasnt mine yes
  9. dark god

    This Woman is a Hero

    Gotta be a joke
  10. dark god

    Looking for an LTR is Beta and women hate it

    I read it..good stuff
  11. dark god

    Veka (26) and I (47) met exactly a year ago

    Wasn't she ur boys gf when u met her? Anyway whats the question here..she met another guy..move on.
  12. dark god

    An unprotected start

    Thats what I'm sayin..
  13. dark god

    An unprotected start

    Not to be a **** but ur 27 and u had sex for 10 minutes and had sex a second time an hour later but was unable to nut because u were too tired from round one? Forget about the preggo scare and go see a doctor. Your stamina should be way better then that.
  14. dark god

    How long are you willing to wait...

    Yea I agree. I stopped taking women out on "traditional" dates like 20 years ago. Usually people dont want to have sex after a good filling meal. Right to the bar is where u should be going. Alcohol lowers inhibition. Why spend a small forutune on "dinner and a movie" when u might just get a...
  15. dark god

    A secret website for married people to exchange sex...

    Ashley madison was outed as a big scam a while ago.But anyway sounds like swingers..been around for years. They have websites, apps whatever. I went to swinger club years ago. Usually women and couples but single men are kinda frowned upon. I went with a girl i wasnt serious about. I wanted to...
  16. dark god

    The brutal truth for mature men

    I hear ya. I never could understand that cougar milf thing either. Granted I've seen attractive older women but when comparing a 25 year old to a 35 or 45 year old its no competition.
  17. dark god

    Christian Grey is right – why you should go 50 shades – but how?

    "I watched. I learned. That evening sex was really rough, Christian style. Best **** (she said) in a long time). I've got to learn more. Maybe you too?" She watched a movie about the hot billionare dude that all the gals are ranting about and the sex was the bomb...you sure she was thinking...
  18. dark god

    What is wrong with this chick? Npd bpd or just an idiot?

    What are you doing with my exwife!
  19. dark god

    Bill Burr Legendary SNL Monologue

    Yooooooo that was great!