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    Girl admits to me she's breaking up with her bf

    Who cares what she says. Actions.
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    Crypto trading

    I learned the hard way haha My second ever buy came on Black Sunday in May where is crashed like 50% of it's value in a few hours... Then I didn't have one again on the crash down to 29K again and had to wait it out. Never again.
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    Crypto trading

    Set trailing stop losses and let it ride
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    Weird girl

    I've shaved my hair and it's never been an issue. The way you handle the situation is a far bigger problem than the actual problem.
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    Crypto trading

    I'm not into those really...I only put money into things that have some sort of utility.
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    Crypto trading

    I've gotten into a lot of this lately. As well as private sales and ICOs/IDOs. Hitting on 1 private sale makes up for not hitting on 4 or 5 of them. New Defi yield farm projects when properly vetted are pretty much money printing machines also for at least a week. The only thing I sometimes do...
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    What age do you plan to retire at?

    Next year. US. Crypto fueled.
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    What to do if you can't go to the gym for three weeks

    Try Basement Beasts. Fantastic programs using bodyweight or bands. IMHO, heavy resistance bands are as effective as free weights with far less wear and tear on the joints
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    Crypto trading

    Another consideration https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/hard-bearish-stock-market-risk-121500864.html
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    Crypto trading

    Again. You just don't get it. I'm a software engineer. You have no idea the pace at which technology moves these days. 76% of executives at banks, financial institutions and other monetary places feel crypto will take over fiat currency in under 10 years. That will be well after Blockchain...
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    Crypto trading

    As is referenced in my post above quoting US Lawmakers saying the same thing pretty much.
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    Wanna see another example proving The Wall is real?

    You could tell in her face back then she had the potential to become a land whale.
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    Crypto trading

    Not all lawmakers think that way and they ultimately can create laws to reign in what the SEC can and cannot do. https://news.bitcoin.com/us-lawmakers-chinas-authoritarian-crackdown-on-crypto-big-opportunity/
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    Crypto trading

    The lawsuits and appeals would render this moot for many years and there is a high probability the SEC would lose on a good number of points.
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    Crypto trading

    It has nothing to do with how much money I have in it, moreso that the blockchain is causing a paradigm shift in the way the entire world operates on every level and will effect everything we do on a day to day basis within 5 years. It would be like betting against the internet right before it...
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    Any of you guys ever play the role of sugar baby (www.seeking.com)lol

    Too busy making money in crypto for that nonsense.
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    Was this a good choice?

    If you fear spending that amount of money, your focus should clearly be on how do I get to a point where that wouldn't be a concern. That's my point. Wrong focus. Negative energy. You can never become abundant by staying in a place of fear and lack.
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    Was this a good choice?

    Honestly, that would not be where my focus is on if this is what you have to worry about. My focus would be on why I am in a position where this is a concern and how do I fix it.
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    Crypto trading

    Only because you don't get it. But you will. Many would say that is under selling it. Plan B's S2F model calls for $1 million per BTC, and that's pretty much been the gold standard for price accuracy
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    Crypto trading

    500K or higher