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  1. BMX

    My "Algorithm"

    Remember, you need to go out and do your homework before taking any woman to your spots. Get comfortable being there solo and in your own skin. Get to know the staff. If you can't do this, it can and will kill your vibe. I just moved to a new city and have a few spots I'm working on solo right...
  2. BMX

    It's Embarrassingly Pathetic How Women Can't Even Cook anymore

    Not to worry. Soon there will be no food to cook unless you've stocked up on everything including spices.
  3. BMX

    The world is getting more gay

    Being a liberal-gay are the main prerequisites to becoming a mod! Not just here but any site. And yes, I see grown ass half-men walking around campus with bows in their hair. Sucks to suck.
  4. BMX

    Oldest age woman you'd have sex with?

    She was 53. I was 24. She was some chief petty officer's mother. F them slackdick CPO's
  5. BMX

    Slvtty Women with Daddy Issues - Good or Bad?

    I definitely got that dilemma out of my system at 19. I wouldn't tell my family about a slut like that, or even tell my friends in an attempt to garner clout. Protect yourself if and when it goes down, then move on.
  6. BMX

    Thoughts on what's going on in Afghanistan?

    Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires. It was Ghengis Khan's only failed campaign. The Soviet campaign was basically the half-off deal that we just gave them. It's as if time stands still there and no one could plan from their extensive history. Clinton's failed mini-bombing of Tora Bora and...
  7. BMX

    Should I tell a woman my last name on first date?

    I understand you've been on earth a lot longer than most others on this forum. If these women Google you it should pull up a laundry list of your accomplishments in life, link after link. Do not voluntarily disclose much of this yourself. Let her hear it from the horse's mouth after she asks...
  8. BMX

    Incel kills 5 in UK

    So sad. Their guns laws I meant.
  9. BMX

    Milf who does Crystal Meth - hook up?

    It's a real slippery slope she's on. All it takes is one really bad day and she'll be rolling down it FSA. That could be any number of things from her parents finding out about her nasty habit (if they do not already know) and kicking her out, something happening to her or her kids or just the...
  10. BMX

    Does a girl's status matter to you?

    Yes. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  11. BMX

    Giving up single life too easily?

    Get after it. Do better.
  12. BMX

    Relative to income, what do you think is the occupation that women give the least respect to?

    Railway engineers and train operators, HVAC techs, plumbers, electricians, flimsy dudes in IT and tech support, truckers hauling fuel or cement/anything, road crews, roofers, line handlers, postal service personnel, used car salesman, farmers, factory workers, merchant vessel crews. You know...
  13. BMX

    Why do Men Date Older Women?

    I can't speak to your first point. But to the latter, it was a lot more enjoyable to bang them in my early 20's, now in my early 30's all I prefer out of them is to bang me and stop talking. They are terrible and clearly missed the last train out of town in most cases. I don't fall for their...
  14. BMX

    London wings

    Northampton village itself is a goldmine whether or not you go solo, because it is pretty much a city despite not having a cathedral of its own. Plenty of women always. Don't discount it. I don't know if there is a train from there to London. I moved from Northants to Cambs, then out of country...
  15. BMX

    What are the biggest red flags for you?

    pvssy tats
  16. BMX

    How to Handle the Break Up Talk

    It was nice but I'm moving on.
  17. BMX

    Instagram Thot Dies on Long Distance First Date

    For some reason, I am not surprised at the fact that Toolcop Chad didn't bring water. And he probably did so after having thought it over a little. City cops do stupid sh*t frequently. GigaChad 1, 'gram thot 0.
  18. BMX

    Milf who does Crystal Meth - hook up?

    This woman is going to knife fight you. The instability in this case began with her drug of choice, similar to what I've seen transform the people on heroine I had to escort to county lockup...These women would give me their driver's license when I asked for their I.D. and pictured were gorgeous...
  19. BMX

    We Are On Verge of Complete Dating Collapse

    Ah, yes. The Alpha Whales (AW's).
  20. BMX

    Actual status of covid right now? Nurse/Doctor/Medical field insight only please.

    Relax, Luke. No one is forcing this into you at gunpoint (yet).