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    Any of you guys ever play the role of sugar baby (www.seeking.com)lol

    I always respected the sugar baby hustle wanted to know what were your thoughts on the subject?:cool:
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    Hes back i usually dont geek out on tv shows but i have been a huge fun for ever :)
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    Have you or will you teach the game to your kids?

    For those here wanted to know will or will you not encourage them:0
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    How are all your high school/College buddies who got married doing?

    Most of mines have been divorced at least once by the time the reunion cam around how are yours?
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    Who's in town
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    R.i.p michael williams

    R.i.p man loved your movies
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    How did you handle your divorce or break up

    They can be brutal but if you have never been married whole different animal
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    im so surprised that most alphas dont know about seduction/game:)

    Ex special forces / millionaires /athletes etc
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    Dan bilzerian any one still thinks hes still behind the 8 ball?

    I do he hasnt gone broke (yet)!.He is where jose canseco is but without the roids i feel hes reached his peak but has plenty of cash.
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    Whos doing remote work?

    What are you selling and where:)?
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    Who discovered this forum in high school☺

    And how did it help while your were in your teens
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    Your worst case of oneitis/losing frame!

    High school for me chased and got rejected by christian girl who went on to get married and divorced by the time she was 21 and parents were a nightmare.
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    How many guys is to much?

    When you ask her how many male partners she has had what is your limit?
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    The only fans reverse their policy yet again?

    https://variety.com/2021/digital/news/onlyfans-drops-porn-ban-sexually-explicit-policy-1235048705/ I couldnt make this up:)
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    Has anyone here attended the 22 conventions?

    What has been your experience? And do you recommend going?
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    Can anyone explain to me the history and whole concept of 21 studios/summit/convention:)

    Heard nothing but good things about these things but heard their was a recent shake up in leaderhip who here has attended them and would you recommend attending them:)
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    Can someone explain to me what is frame?

    Its one of the few words/jargon you guys use that I am not familiar with:)
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    Guys like montel william,tom leykis,and howard stern predicted the current state of males today:)

    Back in the 90's these guys predict what is now happening .Crooked paternity suits .False rape allegations.Shady females who cuckhold guys .Metrosexual trends etc what do you guys think?
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    Should most teens/twenty somethings/and even thirty somethings aim to date older women (35 and over?).

    Seems like thats the smart move in the long run teenage girls are superficial and older women are more experience and more willing to try things with younger guys.