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    ‘James Bond’ Producer Says Not to Expect a Female 007

    Some fans are suggesting there should be a FEMALE James Bond. At least the women producer has it right. https://www.indiewire.com/2018/10/female-james-bond-barbara-broccoli-daniel-craig-1202010076/ But if it ever happens, it’s officially over for men. Thoughts?
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    Time to debunk "The Wall", the biggest cope among the manosphere

    Thats hilarious. When I was a teenager I used to love older women, early to mid 30s I couldn’t get enough of (movies and tv of course). Now Im older and a 33 year old face looks kind old to me. For some reason didn’t see it all when younger. Maybe the internet and society‘s youth obsession...
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    Does anyone here have sisters?

    Why are you so obsessed with sisters?
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    The Sexual Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

    Exactly. Powerful people do anything to keep the power. China -> All allegiance to the Party and State. Full control over people. Ban Bitcoin. Keep the politicians pockets fat. Iran -> All allegiance to Islamic Republic. Full control over people. Keep the Ayatollahs pockets fat. West...
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    Interesting intel on how women are finding the dating market in 2021 in big cosmopolitan Western cities

    She must be doing something to provoke such a emotional response from guys after a 60 min coffee date. 20 something guys are usually more in control of their emotions than that. Unless it’s paying for her coffee or something. Even then, a guy shouldn’t flip out that bad. Girl: “It was...
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    Are young Men really choosing games over relationships ?

    In my opinion, it’s about young men not caring anymore about women. When women have sexual freedom, sexual options, full reproductive rights,, decide when and if when they want to have a baby, are NOT virgins, and have the power to destroy men anytime once legally married, the incentive is...
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    Wanna see another example proving The Wall is real?

    Her friend isn't bad. You should phone her and ask where her friend is now.
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    Stop pursuing women with low and borderline medium interest!

    The reason why men try so hard is that unless you are top 10%, not many hot girls will have high interest. You kind of have to be lucky to be in good shape genetically, financially, to get the hot young ones interested. Said it before, the top 10% of women between 18 - 30 have destroyed the...
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    Forum content just getting worse

    What do you want to chat about to keep the forum alive?
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    I need help as I keep turning first dates into platonic hangouts, what to do?

    I create sexual tension by saying “honey, here is $200. Use your imagination.” In my opinion, if she is NOT a virgin and over, let’s say 27 years old, there is NO sexual tension needed. She has to put up fast or get out of the man’s face. All her bargaining power is LOST when she is not a...
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    Why is feminism so aggressively pushed in Video Games?

    Sure it does. How do we capture more of the market to make more money? How do make men feel more emasculated and not challenge us? How do destroy anything masculine and shame men for getting sexually aroused towards any hot girl? Make the main character female. It’s happening in...
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    The Sexual Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

    Here is an article about the Sexual Revolution. Its a long but quick read. Thoughts? ——— While it gave (young) women and a small percentage of men the ability to sleep around willy nilly without commitment I firmly believe that the overall result of the sexual revolution has been so...
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    Do you Pay for First Dates?

    What if the man is a feminist, a champion for women’s rights and equal pay and opportunities for all women? His mission in life is to have all women be in positions of power, be sexually liberated and sleep with whom ever they wish without judgement. Still pays?
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    Women and a few betas bash a guy because he’s 30 and never had a relationship

    31 years and 6’4? Brother if you look normal you should be cleaning up like crazy. 6’4? You don’t have to do anything, just show up and the girls with f your brains out. Generally the ONLY thing that would overtake such a height is a thick full set of hair. Girls would rather take...
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    Calling Women Out vs. Silent Acceptance

    A woman ALWAYS knows what she is doing when is comes to romantic relationships. If it’s business, she can’t manipulate. But when it’s about emotions and sex and love and dating and babies, she can manipulate with her eyes closed and one hand behind her back. Now why would a woman with high...
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    Men who want commitment from women

    The point of the post wasn’t about aging. Everyone ages. The point of the post was there is NO benefit to commitment. Once a woman ages, her looks go and if you commit to her, you will not be able to legally leave her to go have sex with a younger hotter woman without PAYING for it. When...
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    Men who want commitment from women

    We are talking about what’s best for a MAN. You keep DEFENDING women. You either are a WOMAN or a WHITE KNIGHT.
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    Marriage does not benefit men

    And yet this article says staying single can help you live longer. https://blog.stridehealth.com/post/staying-single-can-help-you-live-longer
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    Marriage does not benefit men

    Because it’s good for society. Back when Kings has 5 wives and 10 mistresses. They didn’t settle down with ONE women forever and forever. What legacy? What if the kid turns out to be gay? Or a criminal? Or a drug dealer? Or disowns you? If you want to be known for “Raising a family” at...
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    Men who want commitment from women

    For the men who want to get MARRIED, COMMIT to and have sex with ONE women FOREVER and FOREVER. Here you go: