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  1. Serenity

    Mature Man Rules *READ IT*

    This subforum is age restricted. You must be at least 25 years old to make threads or post replies here. ALL members posting in this subforum MUST have their age visible on their profile! All threads made by a member below 25 will be moved to another appropriate subforum. All replies made by a...
  2. Serenity

    Forum Rules

    Registration to this forum is free! But you must abide by the rules and policies detailed below. You must be at least 15 years old to register and post in this forum. SoSuave is a PRIVATE community, not a public forum. Your membership is predicated on your adherence to the stated rules and...
  3. Serenity

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing you all happy new year! I have no new year's resolution, but many do and I'm always curious, what's yours? Sorry, my timezone is UTC+1.
  4. Serenity

    I'm out

    I think my time here is up. It takes too much energy posting here, energy better spent on things with more rewards. I have many to thank for the insight they provided and I hope I have provided some of that to others as well. It's unfortunate that I won't respond if anyone asks me anything in...
  5. Serenity

    FR Rejecting a hot girl

    I don't think I've ever actually written a field report, but here you have one. I wasn't actively gaming, I was approached while having a fun night out. Not sure if it can be called a proper field report then, but whatever. I have a GF but it's always fun to practice a little game when the...
  6. Serenity

    Ricegum gets destroyed!

    I checked in on YouTube today and found what will probably be the best video I will see in 2017. Finally this obnoxious dude gets shredded to pieces. iDubbbzTV is just awesome, high quality entertainment. (I know it says Jake Paul, just watch the video, it will make sense)
  7. Serenity

    I'll be gone in 24 hours.

    No, this isn't a suicide letter (is for my forum account though). In 24 hours I'll change the e-mail associated to this account to a temporary self-destructing e-mail, I'll also change my password to a random string of symbols I'll never remember. I'll basically brick my account, a mod might...
  8. Serenity

    This woman got owned on all her bullsh!t, publicly!

    Some might have seen this, it's pretty high up on Reddit. This woman gets her false image shattered in a very entertaining and satisfying way. It's just the way he connects the dots and exposes the lies. The best part is when he gets a VIP ticket and travels to physically meet her only to...
  9. Serenity

    Pokèmon pickup.

    As the world have noticed, "everyone" is outside playing Pokèmon Go. It's passed Tinder by the amount of active units having the app. Not just children are playing and not just males. It's not only geeky girls either, there are a number of hot young women playing this for fun too. That's an...
  10. Serenity

    The basics matter most, I fvcked up.

    I've been involved with a project at work for over a year. I have put a lot of effort and good work into it, which has been recognized by everyone. They decided to send me to a seminar among people in this industry to hold a speech about the project. Of course I said yes, it's a great...
  11. Serenity

    A woman to be grateful of.

    A week ago my car died, it was a really cheap one without a loan. Not worth fixing it. I was thinking about buying a new used car, although in a much better condition at about $12k. Problem is that I blew about that amount on renovating my apartment before it broke down. So now I can't afford it...
  12. Serenity

    Father convicted of rape.

    I've been holding back on this to wait for the end result, but now it's final. Short story is my father went to a party, woke up the next morning knowing nothing and a week later was suspected of rape. He's been married to my step-mother for 20 years, they have a good marriage. She wasn't with...
  13. Serenity

    What the fvck is this?

    As some of you may remember I fvcked up epicly a while ago, here's the thread http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=223232. Thinking back on it I realize how dumb I was. I've shown some stupidity since that both on the forums and otherwise, it's been rather painful to experience...
  14. Serenity

    Why women leave men they love.

    Found this blog article by a relationship therapist, I think he's right. http://www.justiceschanfarber.com/marriage-why-women-leave-cheat/
  15. Serenity

    Breaking every rule on here :D

    I've been thinking lately that since what everyone tells me is a lie, who's to say what all you guys are telling me isn't lies? So I decided to just break pretty much every "sane" advice given on here, I'm sure some of you will cringe when you read this. After all this is a forum packed full of...
  16. Serenity

    Date, testing boundaries.

    I'm sort of chasing a girl right now, I'm interested in potentially having a relationship with her. On the basis of that I gotta rationally think things through, decide and commit to those decisions. Simultaneously I gotta keep up to speed with dates and actually enjoy it. I had her over at my...
  17. Serenity

    How to solve confidence problems

    I'm going to make this ridiculously simple, I like to make it simple. Say you struggle with confidence, and you're trying to get it. Well, who's to say you don't have it? You say that? Someone else say that? I say that? The screen in front of you say that? You don't have it!!! So you want it...
  18. Serenity

    The fine balance of high value.

    It seems to me that some people get the idea that they should guard themselves against women. Some people get the idea that you should just be nice. There is no clear line. Like some of you I have been seriously hurt, stepped on, anxious, depressed, low self-esteem and having needy AFC behavior...
  19. Serenity

    The unexpected truth

    When I started out I was highly anxious people, I could barely gather the courage to call my friends. I was sitting inside all day playing games and exploring the world through a screen. Frustration grew to extreme heights, I realized something was wrong. I wanted a girlfriend to end my...
  20. Serenity

    How to be emotionally indestructible.

    It's really really simple, but hard to fully realize. Never ever tie your self worth to anything other than just existing at this moment. Another aspect is to not think about yourself in any way, or better yet not think at all. There's nothing to worry about, you're alive and that's enough...