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  1. Jor-El

    Make of it what you will

    As above!
  2. Jor-El

    How to handle the silent treatment

    As above.So all off a sudden,she is pissed off with you,one word answers and/ or silence,and this is the crucial point here,YOU DONT KNOW WHY...how do you handle this ? Obviously,you are not going to simp ("how have I upset you honey...") but,you cant think what you have done,and,assuming you...
  3. Jor-El

    Dealing with a girl who nags but makes a fair and reasonable point

    Iv wondered this for a while,looking at stuff by Caleb Jones,and others,who advocate that if a woman starts to whine or nag or create drama,AIMED AT YOU,that you basically dont tolerate it,shut them down,walk off,hang up the phone etc which is all sound I guess,but what if,the reality is that...
  4. Jor-El

    Women today have nothing going on at all

    Just an observation, that its sadly true that a lot of the younger generation of women 15 YO upwards,that their ENTIRE life is their phone.And I mean,their entire life.The whole time,they are just hunched over the thing like its some kind of life support,scrolling and tapping madly away.Their is...
  5. Jor-El

    Texting less...do you come clean ?

    So lets say you had a GF who you texted loads previously (and yes,we know better now...) and you got back together,and knowing better,messaged a lot less.... If she noticed this,do you come clean and say yes,loads of messaging leads to misunderstandings galore,boredom,then break ups,thats why...
  6. Jor-El

    How do you know when its a **** test

    1st post! How do you determine wether something said is a **** test or just say banter,and to take it as such.Iv read bits and pieces of advice,what im trying to say,albeit not very well,is when to dig in and call em out or when to laugh it off....because if you are to quick to ignore them that...