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  1. AttackFormation

    Good course of action

    So im talking to this girl, havent met yet. She lives 2 hours away in another city, but when i started talking to her i thought she lived in my city. She was visiting here but went back, and when i saw her location had changed, i told her in paraphrase "im not looking for a penpal, hit me up...
  2. AttackFormation

    Do women think they look like that?

    Ive recently swiped through hundreds more profiles, and pretty much every single one only has pictures with physical and electronic cosmetics on. My pictures have zero electronic cosmetics, and obviously no physical cosmetics either. You cant see even a resemblance of what they really look like...
  3. AttackFormation

    Red flag in itself

    There will be exceptions. But wouldnt it generally be a relationship red flag in itself that a woman is still single by her mid 20s, despite allegedly dating? With womens' effortless abundance of options and thinking of the women ive known, i dont see how it could happen unless she has some...
  4. AttackFormation

    AF's Approach Log

    I have finally come to a point where my body is compelled to cold approach, something i havent done for years. I have had enough of being humiliated by OLD, and i want to feel taking my agency as a man back from it. The primary goal of this approach log is not to find a woman. It's for my future...
  5. AttackFormation

    Who are women actually dating and how do they find them?

    Im using an OLD app that ive never used before, which gives you a free premium trial. By now my profile has allegedly been shown to hundreds of women through free boosts, but ive only got a single like out of it - with a woman who put no effort in and later unmatched me. My barber a few days...
  6. AttackFormation

    Being outside today

    I just came home from being with 5 guys and 1 girl (the gf of one of the guys) in a riverwalk full of people. Lots of people in mixed company were lounging around, some people had brought music, and there was some dancing going on. I like to observe social situations, and there were two things...
  7. AttackFormation

    Incident last summer

    Ive been thinking about something last summer. I was standing around in the city and this couple appears to my left, walking hand in hand, but theyre across the street. Im just standing still and looking ahead to the horizon, then when they reach my frontal vision the woman turns, looks at me...
  8. AttackFormation

    Building an entry level IT portfolio

    I have zero experience in IT except a programming course i took once. I want to build up a portfolio that i can showcase to recruiters, so i can get employed through demonstrating "equivalent experience" instead of a university degree. I think i would like to work with IT security, but am open...
  9. AttackFormation

    I just dont get it

    This is a spontaneous post, i havent though through it ahead of time. This 21 year old girl makes a status update saying, "i dont know if my throat hurts from sucking d1ck or if i have a fever". You then go to her page, and she has a Tinder conversation picture with this guy who says "hes only...
  10. AttackFormation

    Nervous breakdown

    I can't take the simping and beta behavior anymore. I CANT MESSAGE ANY GIRL!!!!!!!!! they all have 1000000000 ****ing guys calling them queen or congratulating them on their birthday or saying how beautiful, sexy, sweet, cute, amazing, incredible, special they are. Begging them to message them...
  11. AttackFormation

    How many

    How many women in a hundred on online dating in the ages 18-30 fulfill all these criteria: - No kids - No smoking - No substance abuse - Low in the cluster B spectrums of personality traits (borderline, antisocial, narcissistic, histrionic) - Low in adult attachment disorder - Not an...
  12. AttackFormation


    From sexting with a girl that I started talking with in august and will hopefully meet not too far away... paraphrasing from swedish when there is no exact translation. I'll let it speak for itself... I underlined the key part that made me feel I have to share this. (Me): ... Then I can force...
  13. AttackFormation

    Female body dysmorphia and narcissism

    Narcissism definition (wikipedia): "... the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's idealised self image and attributes." Body dysmorphia definition (wikipedia): "... a mental disorder characterized by the obsessive idea that some aspect of one's own body part or...
  14. AttackFormation

    Cashapps, sugar daddies, and the patriarchy

    In my country, selling sexual services is legal - but buying them is not. The reasoning for this is twofold. First, sex workers are victims who don't choose to do it. Second, even if the first point wasn't true, men buying access to female bodies is an oppression they perform as an expression of...
  15. AttackFormation

    Why be with men?

    Women experience three problems: Most don't orgasm vaginally and so suffer an orgasm gap with men, they stop wanting sex with their husbands in long term relationships, and they are oppressed in intimate relations with men. So why are they with men at all? Instead they can have sex with each...
  16. AttackFormation

    Corporations and State regulators colluded to cover up brain damaging the population

    Let me help you sleep better at night knowing the benevolent forces that watch over you... Source 1 citations: - "The lead-crime hypothesis is pretty simple: lead poisoning degrades the development of childhood brains in ways that increase aggression, reduce impulse control, and impair the...
  17. AttackFormation

    "We are destroying ourselves"

    This thread is about destructions of relationships and the bad social outcomes it leads to. First, this is a long video but you'll get the point of it from the first few or several minutes. You can just skip the video and read the charts I posted below too (but the video really sets the tone)...
  18. AttackFormation

    OLD Despair

    Earlier today I remade and then deleted an account at a site that basically functions as OLD (which doesn't work for me, but nevertheless). During that brief time I saw again how women have hundreds, or thousands of orbiters - writing on their walls begging for a response, feeding their...
  19. AttackFormation

    RooshV's transformation from PUA to Godpill

    What do you guys think? He says some interesting stuff. I have to add in this qualifier though, this is what I've said about Roosh in the past to make it clear what I think of him and his bigotry personally:
  20. AttackFormation

    Travel plans

    If universities keep doing internet platforming during the autumn-winter because of corona, I want to take the opportunity to relocate to another country meanwhile. That way I don't have to suffer neither the winter season's 3 hours of weak daylight per day nor the lifestyle-paralyzing...