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  1. Visionist

    (Fail) report

    She once joked about accusing me of rape so that I would have to marry her to get a citizenship in my country. Instant Next.
  2. Visionist

    Worst mistake you can make

    What is of value to he who has everything? The stereotypical answer would be time. All the world's clout and all the world's cash cannot buy back time, right? Wrong. Time can be bought. The multimillionaire who charters a G650 instead of a G600 because he won't have to stop for fuel on his way...
  3. Visionist

    Picking up waitresses

    Cøcky funny is the way with hired guns. I start with a situational observation, about how busy or not the place is for instance, moving straight onto playful teasing of her in relation to the situation. If she's receptive I amp it up. At some point you have to bite the bullet and go for the...
  4. Visionist

    Being an Orbiter

    You had her stay the night? Simp
  5. Visionist

    Sexualise everything

    I was walking through the city with a girl I've been seeing. The place is an honest to god cesshole. Garbage everywhere, graffiti, smashed glass. She didn't care, because she was with me, I didn't care, because I sexualise everything. In today's paranoid society, even pulling your girl's face...
  6. Visionist

    The Plow Horse Man? You work I'll provide the V? Please lend me your ear.

    This was your journey to awakening & becoming a man. Wise men learn from other's mistakes. There are no wise men today. You learned the proper way.
  7. Visionist

    Feel like I'm not getting laid nearly as often as I should be. Tips?

    You're not gonna enjoy reading this, but I'm gonna type it anyway: only a loser wants a relationship with a single woman. From what you've written, you aren't a loser, and therefore you should not be craving a single woman, which is what losers do as they can't consistently get laid with...
  8. Visionist

    Dating two girls feels guilty

    OP do not think about "settling down" in your early 30s. That would be a tremendous waste.
  9. Visionist

    Being an Orbiter

  10. Visionist

    Confidence / self belief issues while being hit on

    What were your responses? Sounds like she was flirting for discounted food. Girls do it all the time. Never take the bait. It'll be your ass in the ringer if your employer finds out.
  11. Visionist

    So it's come to this...

    Josh Cahill looks Chadly. Aviation blogger. Obviously easily reverse image searched. He isn't even jacked.
  12. Visionist

    Things to talk about on a first date

    At the start of the date, always talk about something cool you own, big it up, even be arrogant. If she's into you she'll love it and if she's not you were never gonna get anywhere with her anyway. It could be a cool jacket, or a pet, or a motorbike. I talk about my fragrance collection, having...
  13. Visionist

    Watch Netflix SexLife

    Legends Of The Fall. Brad Pitt plays the alpha all the girls wanna tame. Meanwhile needy betas dance and twirl for the girl's amusement. The entire film is on YouTube in high quality, for now.
  14. Visionist

    Chick that's coming over is into BDS*M

    Piss down her throat
  15. Visionist


    I'm rarely social in the sense of making plans to spend time with friends. When I'm with people however I tend to become the centre of the interaction process, and if I'm not I consider the interaction a waste. When I'm around people I consider to have higher value than me it can go either way...
  16. Visionist

    Look + game + money

    Mikedee stop being so emotional. Is this how you react when a girl won't fvck you? Not cool. You're approaching and getting numbers and dates, that's fine. If you feel you aren't getting laid because you don't know how to flash the cash, work on that. Make acquaintances with other people who...
  17. Visionist

    Brings kid on first date

    Your last posts reek of oneitis. You owe her nothing. Unless of course playing stepdad appeals to you, takes all sorts it seems. You came here to ask us why she brought her kid. We're not mind readers, she knows the reason, not us. Ergo ask her. And the humblebragging isn't gonna impress...
  18. Visionist

    Tinder girl wants to come to my house to smash right now!

    Always have a plan B & a plan C. This will derail the topic but I once contacted a working girl who was staying in a chain hotel in the city, which was the first red flag. I entered the hotel without issue and took the elevator up to her floor, and when I was right outside her door she hits me...
  19. Visionist

    Being busy, pursuing passions and scarcity drives up your value bigtime

    Unless you're into yachting in a big way, and I mean unless it's a passion on the same level as playing the crypto market, then charter, don't buy. It's a hole in the water you throw hard cash into and never get it back. And if you want a boat big enough to throw a party, even worse. Two...