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  1. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz


    i was at target the other morning when this extremely cut, ripped dude walk past, he was so ripped i said ''ay man im tryna get swole tell me how to get swole;'' he laughed and said he stays away from fast food , that it's ''poison'' . so there it is , theres the secret , no fast food. and...
  2. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz

    try not to get in over your head

    i've noticed that everytime i get into a relationship , basically the woman has come down an smv point or 2 to be with a guy who they can feel comfort with, instead of being with a guy they have to compete with other hot women for. by the time i realize the woman is actually with me for comfort...
  3. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz

    flake hits me up randomly

    was supposed to come over and ''play video games'' with this chick 2 weeks ago, the day we were supposed to hang out she told me she had some stuff to do earlier that day, i told her to hmu when she was ready, time to hang out comes around , no text, i didnt reach out , i didnt ask what happen...
  4. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz


    is MMA really any good for a street fight? if so how effective is it really? what other fighting styles should be incorporated with the mindset of walking awy from a fight healthy in one piece, with your girl.. safely
  5. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz


    i been gettin some good matches lately. what are some good opening lines i could use that have worked for some of you guys? the dreaded ''whats up'' gets so much hate but if the chick is truly interested , would it really matter...
  6. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz

    relationships are scam

    i usually dont make these post but fvck it you guys love all this sh!t , so here it is...
  7. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz

    best movie to summarize female nature

    wrong turn 2021 don't want to spoil this film , but there is a scene where a dudes girlfriend offers herself up to a violent tribe as a means of survival.
  8. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz

    Save yourself before its too late.

    This thread is for guys who don't know what to do if they suspect their girl is cheating , has evidence she is cheating , dealing with a chick showing major disrespect or any signs of low interest are noticed. get out of there as soon as possible , its very likely she saw signs of weakness and...
  9. Mister_Skinny_Jeanz

    Own yourself.

    when i was a young boy i often got picked on alot , i started to get in trouble at school for fighting, and my grades started to slip. i think this is pretty normal for teenage boys growing up. my grandmother started to gaslight me , saying i was starting fights ..she used to always tell me...