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  1. Velasco

    Wanna see another example proving The Wall is real?

    Forum is filled with losers (and frauds like pan87) who will confirm loser sht. I'm out.
  2. Velasco

    Stop pursuing women with low and borderline medium interest!

    Go for the same night lay. If it's not gonna happen she'll number close you. Then set up a meet and bang her then.
  3. Velasco

    What I've learned from being out of the game for over 2 years (rant)

    This part I can relate with because I also had no social life during my teens which affected my social development. but then I see from your other thread you wrote this This is where I guess we stop relating to one another. Because at 21 is when I discovered PUA and then so began having the...
  4. Velasco

    What I've learned from being out of the game for over 2 years (rant)

    think guys here are just tryna figure out why a 6'4" muscular guy can't get laid to save his life (before you decided to stop approaching women).
  5. Velasco

    When She apologises for replying late

    nothing to do with 'advanced.' usually how i get them to ask for my number is I'll try and pull them. they say no, but then offer up their number to text them instead. years ago, I'd reject the number because i thought it was a waste of time. if she wasn't willing to come home with me the first...
  6. Velasco

    How do you guys give off the Player vibe and how to avoid it?

    good impression. you made her laugh (real laughter not social laughter), fcked her good and didn't make her feel like a slut for going to bed with you so fast. why wouldn't she want to see you again? you guys do not vibe well at all (lot of fake awkward laughter now), bad sex, and made her feel...
  7. Velasco

    How do you guys give off the Player vibe and how to avoid it?

    because its not a **** test same as this post here where guys loved rjc's response https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/im-not-into-one-time-hookups.270743/#post-2869862 to which the OP got ghosted for it for me she needs to feel that you do have some long term potential. A key ingredient in...
  8. Velasco

    If they are actively engaged in the conversation...

    Are you talking to them where it's clear your intention is picking them up? I'm not talking about "direct verbal game" or any of that. But vibe wise. She'll gladly shoot the sht with you, if that's the vibe your going in with (hiding your intent). For me if the girl knows I'm tryna fck her...
  9. Velasco

    How women block escalation

    https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/when-to-do-the-approach.268905/#post-2825980 this one is another good sign she's interested. putting effort into conversation and keeping it alive when you've gone quiet for a bit. A third is asking you where you live.
  10. Velasco

    How women block escalation

    if they are giving that kind of feedback, then it means they were interested in you, but you didn't make a move (or didn't try and make things happen - passive approach), so therefore they lost interest. batsoup is suggesting you make a move early on, so you know if she is interested in the...
  11. Velasco

    Do you Pay for First Dates?

    solution as I've noticed is to a lot of problems, is to make more money. if you have money, then you don't worry about who pays or if she insists. Ego thing not allowing her to pay if she wants to pay. showing her you are not comfortable with your own masculinity. or you following these fake...
  12. Velasco

    Do you Pay for First Dates?

    it wouldn't have mattered
  13. Velasco

    Do these exemptions nullify the vaccine passport?

    no. that's just what they tell you lol (read: lies + fear....the two ingredients needed to control a population). Do YOU NEED a booster shot because your natural immunity system's protection has waned off? Do you feel like your dying? Or is what your reading, making you feel like you might need...
  14. Velasco

    Women and a few betas bash a guy because he’s 30 and never had a relationship

    Even if i were to be asked these questions i wouldn't stress it the way you seem to be. i see them as an opportunity to give her some perspective on life. maybe she'll get it and be interested in what I'm seeking at this stage in my life. maybe she'll think I'm retarded for thinking the way I...
  15. Velasco

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    That's like asking can she tell you know what your doing? Yes. The answer is yes. Same as you can see a professional doing his job. You can tell if he knows what he is doing or has no idea what he's doing. Thing is. She knows if she wants to fck you. She can recognize if you know what your...
  16. Velasco

    A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost’

    change in priorities. what didn't exist then, exists now. phone has all the entertainment you need. youtube, twitch, twitter, instagram, spotify, porn, free movies/tv shows. Don't need to go anywhere. Therefore no need to get a high paying job -> no motivation to put effort because "what's the...