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  1. dark god

    Roma army

    Have you guys checked out her vids on youtube? Just discovered her the other day. Some Interesting insight. Thoughts?
  2. dark god

    wow...oh wow..just read

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3239427/EuroMillions-father-Nigel-Page-pays-portion-of-winnings-to-ex-wife-Wendy.html A £56MILLION lottery winner has been forced to give a share to the ex-wife who dumped him TEN YEARS AGO. Divorced Nigel Page, 44, was sued by Wendy after his...
  3. dark god

    what do u guys think of her

    http://www.plentyoffish.com/member9248182.htm My buddy got a message from this chick, but isnt sure on if he going to take her out. I say screw that too many red flags.