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  1. Hamurabimbi

    Maybe the Friend Zone isn’t that bad?

  2. Hamurabimbi

    Happy NY

    GF is asleep. My plates are drunk. Friends cucked. Bars/clubs shuttered. Gonna drink some whiskey. HNY fellow DJs!
  3. Hamurabimbi

    Cosmetic Surgery is Not Risk Free

    If you are 6+. Cosmetic surg. might not be worth the risk.
  4. Hamurabimbi


    Just back in the singles scene. Had recent experience with three women. All late twenties, early thirties. Two of them, before our first date, told me they wanted: long term, committed exclusive relationships and I shouldn’t expect any action immediately. Another, whom has told me she wants a...
  5. Hamurabimbi

    Work opportunities

    Recently divorced. After 10 plus years. When that news became public, a lot of the women at work suddenly became very interested. Although I’m older, girls regularly think I’m 20 years younger. I’m pretty attractive too. Pulled an 18 year old this year. I have three current prospects at work...