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  1. biggoal

    From Fat Albert to Tyrone Lite in just 10 months!

    Wow. This guy must have had to do SERIOUS diet and hardcore ball busting working out in just 10 months time to get like this!
  2. biggoal

    How does a dude get a chick like THIS?

    This is a local forecaster down here I follow on Twitter. A young hottie in a large TV market. How in the world does her fiance get her when he is no Chad or Chad lite at all and isn't even in great shape? I see much better looking guys like this everyday in better shape and all. I mean looks...
  3. biggoal

    Good article describes dating in my parts of Floriduh (retiree area) Worst in the country

    https://www.heraldtribune.com/entertainment/20200212/single-in-sarasota-bradenton-good-luck?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=ghf-sarasota-main&fbclid=IwAR2NJ_kh4G4yA3nePZK2RONOK4lLmGYd6U6k5AGiArWDdbBmpko40X18Pbw I live close to this region, a few miles away from that county...
  4. biggoal

    Do ab rollers really work?

    I was thinking about buying one of those ab rollers. Do they really work and give you tight abs and muscular abs or is it a gimmick ? Just got my exercise bike in today and need to out it together. Experimented with my home gym a bit tonight so I'm ready to use that too. Man I'm weaker than I...
  5. biggoal

    Any Tinder hacks to see likes without paying?

    So as you know on Tinder you must pay to see your "likes" unless you keep swiping and swiping and swiping. Anyway, isn't there a hack if you log onto tinder web and save the blurred image and somehow blow it up and un-blur it? I thought I read someone one time about that trick. I hate having...
  6. biggoal

    Rating HB women. Different guys different ranks.

    So is it possible to come up with official ranking that everybody can agree on? Like many say they must be under 30 to be above HB7 or above a certain height. Then we have one poster recently who posted a chunky instagram slvt and said she was like a 9 or something. Like I have the hots for...
  7. biggoal

    What do you think of this OLD strategy?

    As you know on OLD I mostly message women older than me. 38 on up. Big reason is very few pre wall in this region on OLD unless they're very fat or damaged goods. In addition I seem to do okay when I message post wall and even cougars I get more dates with them anyway. Since I want to focus on...
  8. biggoal

    Being rich does pull in younger women.

    So I noticed 84 year old former ge ceo Jack Welch died. Anyway, noticed his wife is 23 years younger and an attractive lady, far beyond his league otherwise. They met when she was interviewing him back in the early 2000s when she was a reporter. Being she was around 43 and he was early 60s...
  9. biggoal

    HB 7 chick I chatted with at the market today.

    So today at the market I saw two women looking at one of the vacant booths to rent for the weekend. So I walked over to them to see what they were going to sell. Anyway the one chick was probably late 20s and HB7. Perfect teeth and face, but was only about 5 foot 2 at the max hence the lower HB...
  10. biggoal

    NHL player Nathan Gerbe 5-4 has a wife taller than him.

    Nathan Gerbe who's a generous (5-4) has a cute wife who's about 2 inches taller than him. Granted not a lot but he's very short and yet gets a chick who's taller. How is that possible when it goes to the contrary of what people say on here. He's also not a super star player and was in the minors...
  11. biggoal

    Where to find Asian chicks like this (Moranbong girls)

    Here in the states where to cute, high end HB girls like these chicks hang at? These girls are picked personally by the Marshal to be in the band. As you can see they're very womanly acting and looking. Very hot. If I ever went on one of those tours of DPRK I would totally run game on them if I...
  12. biggoal

    Uniform Dating website.

    So has anyone tried this website? it doesn't look really popular BUT it does have a number of pre wall nurses on there under 35 that are cute. Not a ton of hotties but a number of nurses and teachers it looks like. Only two users online and it doesn't show the activity of the other users not...
  13. biggoal

    46 yr old MILF/Cougar replied back again on OLD.

    In one of the threads I was talking about how I sent a second message but more flirty this time commenting on a pic of hers and she bit and replied back. Anyway, I sent back another playful message and she read it but didn't respond all day but checked my profile out again. Well tonight she...
  14. biggoal

    Does the Ghetto Workout really work?

    Anyone see this on youtube? This is the original video from many years ago but there are newer ones. Basically you use playground equipment and other improvised stuff you can think of to get ripped. These Tyrones looked totally ripped and in better shape than most men I see in gyms.
  15. biggoal

    Are Euro, Russian, Slavic girls this hot?

    This dudes youtube channel. His girlfriend or whatever is eastern European and Hot as fvck in a natural beauty way and just the way she acts. I don't see this sh** here in North America. I guess these are the types of chick MrWood is banging over there.
  16. biggoal

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    So I'd say the last 4 months my reply rates on OLD have gone down a lot! I was probably at like 10-15 percent on OLD and only messaging at a min HB 7.5 to 9. Nothing above a 9 because they don't exist on OLD and that is a lot better than the PUA estimates of 2-5 percent for "strong" profiles...
  17. biggoal

    A Tinder love story (marriage.) Yea, you guessed it LOL.

    Saw this on the local news a few days ago about a couple who met and get MARRIED from Tinder. Yea, you guessed it she's an HB2 lol. The thing is I've seen far worse looking rougher dudes than this guy with hot chicks like HB7.5 and 8 compared to this thing. I mean, he's nowhere near a Chad but...
  18. biggoal

    OLD funnies thread.

    I was thinking about it for awhile but I think it would be a good thing to have this thread where you can posts texts from OLD profiles of some of the outrageous, over the top stuff women post on their OLD profiles like qualifiers, demands, or how damaged they're with baggage. I'll start with a...
  19. biggoal

    Guys who get jealous and such lol.

    So what do you guys do when a boyfriend or even dad doesn't like the fact you're looking at their girlfriend or daughter or grand daughter? Funny today I was getting my haircut and an HB9 17 year old came in with her father. Probably just under 18 still. Anyway she checked me out a few times...
  20. biggoal

    Cute HB 7.5 girl at the fleamarket (young). Kinda brushed her off.

    So at the market there is this cute chick who's like the daughter of the of the vendors further up the aisle that sells some stuff. Anyway, I've never really met her but her mother and herself have bought stuff from my kiosk before when I'm not there because the girl apparently stops by and...