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  1. In2theGame

    Anyone over 40?

    As I get closer to 40, I realize it can be a REALLY great age. At this point, Many Men have accumulated many experiences and knowledge about Women. Old enough to weed out the bullsh!t games and young enough to still bang college Women.
  2. In2theGame

    Anyone over 40?

    38 here so I'm rounding 3rd base and ill be home (40) soon. At my age, I STILL attract Women as young as 19! Im in NYC so I don't know if that plays a factor. Currently in an LTR as well but who knows what could happen 2 years down the line. If I become single again, I know I will be alright to...
  3. In2theGame

    Does anyone here have sisters?

    I kind of grew up with a step sister after my mother remarried. As far as insight into the female mind.... well.. this was in the late 1990's but she would be on the phone with her then serious boyfriend, even getting into tearful arguments about trust and love. The phone calls ended with "love...
  4. In2theGame

    Who do you get told you look like?

    I've been told I look like Adam Rodriguez from C.S.I Miami. Except I have a shaved down head (Very short buzz) Adam Rodriguez -> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=adam+rodriguez&t=hy&va=g&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images I think one of my uncles looks a lot more like him than I do.
  5. In2theGame

    Dad Bods Are Hot? Fake News vs. Science

    Yep I know but I post cycled well and was OK. The amount of lean mass I put on was incredible along with massive strength.
  6. In2theGame

    Can a short guy get girls?

    The funny thing is that the shorter the girl, the taller she wants a guy to be lol. I know this first hand, some girls that are like 5' want a guy who's 6' 5". It's ridiculous lol however I will say that sometimes it's a turn on when i'm interested in a girl who's on the small side. 5' or so. I...
  7. In2theGame

    Dad Bods Are Hot? Fake News vs. Science

    I feel I have a very good idea of this subject when it comes to a Man's physique. I have been many different weights and if I remember correctly, this is how it went for me: Teenage Years - 140 - 150 pounds. - I was always a very skinny kid because I would be in the parks in Brooklyn playing...
  8. In2theGame

    How do you LTR guys do it...

    Well I'm trying to be the "Good Boy" and I have been thus far. Today that beautiful Latina girl was aggressively following me around the gym making it heavily obvious she wants to talk to me but I've kept my mouth shut. Sometimes it just feels "Wrong" for not going after Women. Meaning...
  9. In2theGame

    Experienced Players Only: The fine line between reaching out too much and being too distant ..

    Aloof is playing games. When I started meeting a lot of girls, i would think/do similar and play a game of "aloof" and sometimes the girls would play the same thing. It's basically all about who reaches out first and not appearing "Thirsty" but when I was at my absolute best is when i truly...
  10. In2theGame

    How do you LTR guys do it...

    I understand what some of you guys are saying about self control and I have been good with that but I feel like an impulse to go and attract/fvck more Women even though my GF is great. It's not a lack of intimacy or anything, in fact sometimes I get slightly annoyed at how much my GF wants to...
  11. In2theGame

    How do you LTR guys do it...

    What do you mean?
  12. In2theGame

    How do you LTR guys do it...

    First things first, my girlfriend is great aside from a few things that annoy me here and there but overall a very solid GF. I understand no Woman is perfect. With that said, there's still a desire to fvck other Women and I think many guys feel the same. I hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week and I...
  13. In2theGame

    Let's talk about game in NYC, calling all NYers.

    Women are everywhere here. You just have to go to the right places. I agree that things change around the city, for example, in 2012-2014, I used to frequent the sutton place area and that area would be PACKED! with girls. Now, it's a ghost town and in fact very few bars remain from before. The...
  14. In2theGame

    Would you date a girl who smokes cigarettes?

    Fvck... Yes. Date as in a relationship... No.
  15. In2theGame

    Watch Netflix SexLife

    Whether you found the show cringy or not, it shows how many Women think in today's modern world. They want both the "Alpha" who fvcks her brains out and gives her intense orgasms without worrying about being judged AND she also wants the good Man "Beta" who's the safe bet a.k.a will be by her...
  16. In2theGame

    What's the age range (difference) do you feel most comfortable dating

    For strictly casual sex, I'd be perfectly fine with a girl as young as 20. If i'm going to actually date her.... I'd go for 24ish. I'm currently 38 and my girlfriend is 8 years younger than me. If we were to break up, I would go right back down to 20ish. I STILL have Women as young as 19...
  17. In2theGame

    Curious about age majority.

    It depends, some members have been here for a long time. Myself included. I can't believe I have been a part of this board for 15 years lol. I don't post on any other board other than SoSuave. I remember the days of "AFC's", now everyone calls them "Simps".
  18. In2theGame

    observation time.............................

    100% True. I would say the talk about Wine, Netflix shows or shows like the Bachelor, their Job and mostly about Men.
  19. In2theGame

    Watch Netflix SexLife

    Not only normalizing the behavior but trying to normalize Women having it "All" as the show states. It's basically what everyone in the redpill community has been saying for many years now which is Beta Bux - Alpha Phux. What she says at the VERY end of episode 8 sums it up. I wont spoil it for...