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  1. deadmasterx

    Looking from a distance

    Good tip to check if someone is really looking at you is yawn. The reflex will make the person yawn too, so you got your confirmation. Once you confirm she's looking at you and if she's your kind of woman, give her a smile and keep looking at her, eye to eye. Make sure that you: don't keep on...
  2. deadmasterx

    Female promiscuity is good and bad

    This is an aspect of a underdeveloped society. I'm not talking about third word countries, but tribes, people who still lives in stone or bronze age. The brazilian indigenous people had a similar "relationship" system as the one you described, and they were classified as "stone age" people...
  3. deadmasterx

    Female promiscuity is good and bad

    Everybody enjoying it until it's your girl's turn to be the homie hopper
  4. deadmasterx

    The world is getting more gay

    "Increasing poverty rates, famine and prices peaking as the salaries are still low? Well these are interesting things, but I think that discussing about my pronouns is more important now..."
  5. deadmasterx

    China bans girly men from tv

    While the West is trying to normalize and (maybe) even turn what's uncommon into the rule, the East is strenghtening the common.
  6. deadmasterx

    The world is getting more gay

    That's a regular thing in most parties (if not every) here in Brazil, and the main reason why I don't ever go to them. These gay guys are starting to think they're untoucheable here. If you don't want to be around them (because they'll be flirting hard and trying to touch you) you're homophobic...
  7. deadmasterx

    Help me bang this 26 yo Russian

    Yes, I am from Brazil. And no, I've been in touch with them ever since my teenager days because I found an app where I could be in touch with lots of them. To be honest, there is a quite considerably large community of russians and ukrainians in Brazil, but sadly I have never been in one. I...
  8. deadmasterx

    Help me bang this 26 yo Russian

    He has a point, tho. I've been in touch with Russian women ever since I was a teenager, and also a friend of mine went there to study Medicine. Russian women aren't trustable. The second world war killer some good +10 million men and the numbers after that never got even. Russian women has no...
  9. deadmasterx

    Need help with my job...

    I currently got myself a job, teaching History and Philosophy, and it's my first teacher job in a "big" school (a High School with a lot of students). I'm not gonna lie, the organization of the school is awful, the principal and the heads of the school have absolutely no idea of what's going on...
  10. deadmasterx

    Help me bang this 26 yo Russian

    I mean, if the person won't be helping, why even commenting at all...
  11. deadmasterx

    Nicotine is a powerful drug....

    Cigarettes in special are a hell to get rid of. First because in many places it isn't much of a big deal to be a smoker (compared with being a crackhead), so you don't feel this social pressure to hide or to stop it. Second because every smoker has a routine. He wakes up, grabs his coffee and...
  12. deadmasterx

    US Soldier films what's really going on in Afghanistan

    As always, they get in there when it's bad, and leave it even worse.
  13. deadmasterx

    Corey Wayne....

    Coach Corey Wayne is a good man, I used to watch him a lot and learned a lot with him when I had my first breakup (when I was first dumped, to be more accurate). He states that he loves women, and that his relation with them is similar to "A big brother with his bratty little sis", and I...
  14. deadmasterx

    Drugs & Women

    Is it hard to accept that all these things are sh!t? Quit drinking, smoking and getting stoned. Your life will be way better, in all matters. Only boring people need other things (or other people) to be fun. If that's anyone's problem here, go learn some skills. That's what this forum is about.
  15. deadmasterx

    Drugs & Women

    Principles are non-negotiable. You're a bus driving your own way. If you go someone else's way, you're not in control anymore.
  16. deadmasterx

    Dont feel like dating anymore

    The higher it is the less you feel like dealing with women at all.
  17. deadmasterx

    Drugs & Women

    Imagine needing drugs to be fun... Judgement apart, drugs are things that will consume you. You may be "okay" (because if you feel like using it to begin with you're far from ok) by now, but everybody has ups and downs. The same way your aunt got fat after divorcing (or marrying) you're on the...
  18. deadmasterx

    If Money + Status Are So Important Why Do So Many Rich Celebs Have Ugly Wives/Girlfriends?

    She's not ugly. Plus, the Architect made her that chubby.
  19. deadmasterx

    You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

    Are people living in soap operas or something? In my whole life there were only people who I either disliked and didn't want close to me or just didn't give a **** about. What is that paranoia that people have to thing they have enemies who always want them bad or soemthing?
  20. deadmasterx

    Milf who does Crystal Meth - hook up?

    This woman sounds like a disease truck for me.