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  1. Blacksheep

    Sadness knocked my door

    Get the idea that your parents never loved you. Living alone, cannot trust most of people. Walking alone and the fear of failure. The worst is the idealization that I wanted to be loved by my parents. The guilty I feel sometimes, the desire to turn all that off... It's hard guys. Some know my...
  2. Blacksheep

    Was this a good choice?

    I sold my car last month, as it was being a bit expensive to keep it. From some days I tried to be without a car using uber here in my town, it kinda works during the day but at night, since here is a small town I didnt find it very easy. So I started to feel a bit anxious about that and some...
  3. Blacksheep

    Living in Alaska

    Anyone here even thought about it or are thete anyone here who actually lives in Alaska. I would like to know if its possible to move and live there and how could I possibly do that, as I live in Brazil.
  4. Blacksheep

    The thing about approaching women on party

    I was thinking about that lately. I see on most parties all kind of guys approaching women in many different ways. The good looking guys have some success rate, others just seems like desperate guys trying to hook up. And of course women realize that too. The thing is, how a woman see you when...
  5. Blacksheep

    Going out alone

    What are your experiences going out to bars alone? Im in another state travelling and meeting another place and I just went out alone. Do you guys had good experiences with that?
  6. Blacksheep

    This guy is a master of videos

    That guy made the most amazing videos of classic movies. Anyone who likes Star Wars will like it. I feel a huge nostalgia watching the editions of video from that channel.
  7. Blacksheep

    She wanna get to quickly into a relationship

    Met a girl this weekend, and she seemed to felt in love really quickly. She said she want something serious and dont want only having fun or casual dating. That before our first date talking on whatsapp and in our first date she started calling me "Love", about marrying, etc. She is nice, but...
  8. Blacksheep

    Selling coffee with own brand (buying from a coffee roasting supplier)

    What are you thoughts on that business idea? I was thinking about that for a time, and as coffee is something that can be sold easily, maybe it's a good idea to make money. I want to increase my income to have more money to invest and have a better life quality. Having a full time job is good...
  9. Blacksheep

    TESTO Exams results (Made last week)

    I would like to get some feedbacks about that, not only by my doctor... But anyone here that have some experience in those things, to give me more information if my levels are good or not. If you need any further information, just tell me and I get it. Prolactin: 18,3 ng/mL Testosterone: 471...
  10. Blacksheep

    Why some women gets mad when you say to her: "I don't trust someone blindly, I judge by behaviors"

    It's something I constantly observed with most women I had dates. They feel annoyed by the fact when you say you don't trust anyone by their words... Only by their behaviors. Is that because women unconsciously knows that most of times we can't trust in their words because they most of times...
  11. Blacksheep

    Weird situation and feeling bad with that

    Met a girl last week that we had a great connection... We hang out have a good moment, she came to my place and we slept together with no sex. Only kissing and some other things. Last night she came again and we talked a lot. She was kinda mad because I put my points on what I expect and not...
  12. Blacksheep

    Dating without car experiences

    Im decided to finally sold my car and I found a guy who will buy it. I would like to hear some guys that used to date girls without car. Is that a problem like going out and say to the girl that you will have to use uber or taxi? I know car is a way more easy, but unless for going out it is...
  13. Blacksheep

    Is there finding purpose an illusion we create in our minds?

    They find that when we find our purpose then we will became happy, rich and wealthy. I'm questioning how much this is true lately. The idea of having purpose is really interesting and it make us feel good... But at least for me, its so difficult to have clarity on what is my purpose. I ask that...
  14. Blacksheep

    Anyone here on long term testosterone therapy?

    I would like to know how your life change doing that, some side effects of testo therapy and if it really worth? I know that my testo was lower when I tested it, not that much lower but doc gave me a shot of testo, injected. Damn it made me feel like I wanted to dominate world, and I was not as...
  15. Blacksheep

    My apologies

    I just want to apologize here cause I just created a nonsense post yesterday while I was drunk and I didn't even know why I did that. Hopefully, it was deleted by the mods. But I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for that. Heard that my mom is having some psychological problems and I already...
  16. Blacksheep

    Just in case: CDC shares tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse

    https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombie/index.htm This sounds a bit crazy, but idk why but I have a very weird feeling about this vaccine. Anyone here also checked that CDC website? I'm not saying people are gonna turn into zombies, or that I'm anti-vaccine. Just curious about that. My gut is kind of...
  17. Blacksheep

    Lately people used to fight... now it seems human are so passive against all the sh1ts happening.

    An idea that came in my mind. I see a lot of crazy stuffs happening in the world... and it seems everyone is passive about it. All the sh1ts, all the bad things... And it seems people got the belief that: "oh we can't fight because this is being agressive, so lets find another (confortable)...
  18. Blacksheep

    Woman who likes ménage with couples and cheat her boyfriend

    There is a girl on my Instagram that started to show interest on me. I've never imagined that because she is constantly hit by other guys as she is hot and young (21). I knew she was a bit *****. But after I heard of her she already did menage with her boyfriend and other couple and liked to be...
  19. Blacksheep

    Are drugs (alcohol, caffeine, smoking...) a necessary thing to cope with society reality?

    I know any kind of drug is not healthy... But based on the context of the society we live in and what humans are facing, it seems that there must always have a scape valve from reality (drugs or not) to help to turn off from reality a bit. I used to think that we should be 100% healthy all the...
  20. Blacksheep

    One year after the biggest decision of my life...

    So one year ago, as some guys here know I took some very difficult decisions in my life. Broke up with my ex-gf and also broke up with the abusive cycle I was living with my parents for my whole life. So I left the house I used to live and my job at my family's company. Just want to talk a...