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    am i blocked?

    I have an iphone and the girl im texting has an iphone to. The messages say delivered which usually doesnt pop up if youve been blocked but everytime i call it goes to voicemail.
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    Brahs idk what to do

    I’m seeing 5 girls here in Nevada and 3 in California. But one girl is still stuck in my mind but I fvcked it up by being an assh0le to her. None of the other girls are as submissive or feminine and it feels like I’m wasting my time. I would trade it all for this one girl but she hates my guts...
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    The manual : What attracts women and how to give it to them

    Anyone else read this book? Everything in it i agree with except his ambitious part. He says women say they like ambition but only ambitious with females. I dont find this to be true but would like your guys experience. The rest of it i agree is spot on and one of the few books that dont sugar...
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    What am I missing here

    It’s known that muscular men get women. But why do I see so many dyels with above average girlfriend? Am I witnesssing beta bucks alpha fvcked? I’m not bitter I get laid but I’m rarely bf material (too unstable and idgaf). But do women have average or below average bfs for security and support...
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    Why she do this though?

    I told her I’d delete if. We haven’t talked in two days then all of a sudden she sends me a video of her fingering herself lmao. Wt should I do?
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    Another post on why chasing women is fruitless

    It was NEVER like this. It’s onlu Cause your family and friends and 99% of pathetic males do this that you think it’s normal. The man always built himself up and let the women come to him and he CHOOSES who he wants. Indifferent if they reject him because he has it all. Look at this picture. It...
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    Women NEED men

    As a man, I know how easy it is to let your life go to ****. If your truly a man striving for excellence you KNOW even one soda can fvck up your whole success you’ve built (if you think this is insane you are clearly not reaching excellence and have given up on your highest dreams). Now imagine...
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    Do girls just forget about you?

    Even if you’ve fvck Ed them and had a relationship with them for multiple months or years do you think girls completely forget about you or they always have you in the back of their mind? What do you think? I think they’ll always keep you in the back of their mind secretly
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    What being “enough” means.

    Your a man. This means you have a core masculinity that is pre wired for you to succeed and preserve. Preservation is masculinity at its core. Enduring pain no matter what. How else do you think we evolved to this point with the harsh things in nature trying to take us down. Our ability to...
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    Chasing women is devaluing yourself

    chasing women or anyone for that manner is by definition submission and being subordinate. The male creature and soul is too noble and rare to chase. She ashluld be the one chasing you. Your the one developing yourself, figuring things out in life, and making your way into this world. What does...
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    does this happen with every relaitonship

    Looking back at my previous relationships conversations i realized how epic the beginning was. All love and compliments and the sexy kinky things we will do to each other. Then like 8 months in the conversations become more dramatic, jealousy issues, cheating implications, just yuck. Is this...
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    Fwb dumped me because I treated her like sh1t

    Which I did but I truly cared for her. Looking back I was awful to her and she wanted a man who was lovey dovey with her. But in the past when I did that I got dumped so now I’m never like that. Now she chose a guy who’s poor and skinny. She wanted to be exclusive with me which basically means...
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    Give women the romance she wants

    When you are truly yourself, you will be unpredictable and following your passion. This will mean you WILL endure the ups and downs of life. Women want to be a part of that adventure. She wants to be the woman who is left behind while her lover goes to the army even if it hurts. She wants to be...
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    A. True don juan

    Is not a bad boy (though he is rebellious and unconventional when he has to be), a player, a fvck boy. He’s a MAN with leadership qualities and ambition. This is the only way. I’m sorry. You’ll learn more about girls by getting real success in life than you will any article or pick up program...
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    I hate women

    I was at the gym today and all the squat bars were taken. I asked a girl how many sets she had left and she said she just started. Which is a ****ing lie because I saw her on it for 10 minutes. I was wearing a super super baggy sweatshirt so I look like a shlep but I’m pretty jacked with a t...
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    Need opinion of those high level with girls

    In the beginning most of us failed being nice guys so we “changed” ourselves to be more dismissive and a bad boy to get the girls. This got us greater results however I think at the top of the top the man never changes himself for NOBODY and gets Most of the women chasing him. What do you guys...
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    Learning game will Fvck you up

    I’ve said this before fvck game self improvement and improving your life is the way to go. While your looking up what to say to a girl that guy oblivious to game is looking to advance his career and finances. He’s hitting the gym hard and looking for ways to be more knowledgeable and capable...
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    I just shot myself in the foot

    My fwb is kinky at and I’m moving into an apartment with a 35 year old dude. Guy seems like a chad. I’m 25 and do well for myself but haven’t hit my peak. Look at these texts lmao. I just shot myself in the foot
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    The #1 thing that attracts women (not an answer you’ll expect)

    Change. That one simple word. It’s not strength, muscles, poetry, aggressiveness, confidence. It’s change. In life if your not changing to whats working you’re going to be left behind. If evolution favors strength why are animals in the past all extinct. It’s a fact that animals back then were...
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    Is this a trick?

    Every time I’ve been lovey dovey I’ve seen it go side ways. What do you guys think