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    Credit cards like Amex, rewards points, anyone take advantage of that?

    Does anyone have an American Express card or something similar that offers reward points for travelling, plane trips, hotel rooms, rentals, etc? I'm looking into getting a card like that and paying any bill possible with it. I'm saving money to do some travelling. Is it worth the annual fee...
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    Someone tell me the good Vegas nightspots

    I'm going on a spur of the moment Vegas run tomorrow (friday) and coming back sat and I was wondering if anyone can plug me in to the good night spots out there. Any help would be appreciated.
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    FR: 10 second # close, denied kiss close, pu$$yblocking

    Fri Jan 06 2006 I post most of my field reports in the progress report thread I have in the mature board but I figured I'd post this one here as well, maybe someone can get something out of it and also I could get some feedback. I head to a club called Scribbles in Diamond Bar with my 2...
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    So Many Ways progress report: Getting back in the game

    For the last 8 months, I've had a horrible work schedule which has kept me from having any semblance of a social life. I've had to work every Friday evening, Sat evening and Sunday evening. Well recently I had a schedule change so I've been making an effort in putting together some semblance of...
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    Working evenings, nights, weekends and maintaining a social life, how?

    Those of you who have worked weekends, nights, evenings doing 2nd or 3rd shift work, how do you keep an active social life? For the last 4 months, I've been working evenings and I work every weekend, every thurs, fri, sat, sun. By the time I get off work, it's too late to go anywhere, and...
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    FR: Another night clubbing

    Last night, I went out to the club with my boys. We go up to the line and there are hot chicks all over the place. There was a little bit of a line. A couple of girls got in line behind us. They were kinda average looking, two black girls, one was american and one african, but I started...
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    FR: Solo club mission, free drink but no digits?

    Last night I decided to do a solo mission and head to the club by myself. I'm sitting in my house and all my friends pretty much lagged and didn't want to do anything and I have an extremely rare Saturday night off from work. I'm kinda pissed off and I'm like f*ck this, I'm going out. After...
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    Field Report: A night of fun, too much alkahol equals f*ck ups

    Last night me and two of my boys decide to make a club run. They show up at my crib while I'm watching the Laker game and we start pounding beers before taking a cab to the club. My two friends that rolled with me, one is 41 and he's fun to party with but he doesn't really holler at the...
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    Field Report...The club, environment, choosing signals and rust

    I figure since not that many field reports are posted here, I figured I'd post one. Sorry, no menage-a-trois, I didn't get 25 phone numbers or approach 50 sets. I didn't get a blow job on the dance floor. You'll have to read someone else's field report for that. I bring you the humble truth of...
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    My weekend attempts at pickups

    My weekends are Thurs and Fri instead of Sat and Sun for the rest of humanity, so I decided to go out both nights to see how I would do in the real world. Maybe you guys can give me tips on how to improve. At any rate, I've been trying for the last year to become more aggressive and approach...