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  1. corrector

    Do these exemptions nullify the vaccine passport?

    https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/r21645?utm_source=newsroom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=%2Fen%2Frelease%2F1000807%2Fontario-releasing-guidance-to-support-proof-of-vaccination-policy The above is a copy of a regulation in Ontario, Canada with regards to vaccine passports. On the face of...
  2. corrector

    The year I met my soulmate

    That year was 2012. I can remember how things were before she came into my life, and how I thought that it would have just been an ordinary year, like the many years before. This didn't happen with any other woman before or afterwards. Even when I got married in 2014 with another lady, the...
  3. corrector

    Vaccines got full FDA approval

    Some major milestones have happened today. 1) The FDA has approved the vaccine. 2) Trump has endorsed and encouraged people to take the vaccine. Proof for claim # 1) https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine Proof of claim # 2)...
  4. corrector

    Massive IOI today

    This felt right about of a movie. A black woman approached me and told me she liked my shirt. I acted stupid and confused and she explained she liked my shirt, and went up and touched it near my crotch. My reaction was I freaked out, I was on the phone with my mother at the time, and I...
  5. corrector

    The Texas governor is a hypocrite because he was vaxxed and told others not to get vaxxed

    I told it to my mother that people who are most prolific against vaxxes and masks, you don't know what they do quietly. Even pastors. Anyone can just go and get a vaxx at anytime and you wouldn't know about it. I wonder how all of the other anti-vaxxers are taking this? Do you feel...
  6. corrector

    father's side-effect from covid-vaccine

    Fatigue. Too much fatigue. He was not like this before and its over a month since he took the vaccine. Now he just gets sleepy and wants to go to bed. We used to even be in conflict over who is using the computer. Not anymore, he is too tired to even use this computer and now I'm getting...
  7. corrector

    The Abundance Mindset

    Advice on the Abundance Mindset. Does it really work? This bombshell video dropped today.
  8. corrector

    If you take a pic of a woman on your smartphone

    ...then she might approach you. This is called the "telepathic approach" method. Has anyone tried this?
  9. corrector

    Is this type of close for real?

    Know this is in the movie, but is this a very awkward ()-close line for the nervous types? Has anyone ever actually tried this?
  10. corrector

    This video has over 500+ million views.

    Check the viewership on this. This is a sign of the times. Only in a dystopian world with lonely and thirsty guys is something like that possible. Having a video of a Stacie-like woman saying that "she could be the one" to all of the disenfranchised men out there. Comment.
  11. corrector

    Red pill vs Black pill

    I've come across this youtube channel yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/c/WheatWaffles/videos It has a bunch of amazing videos that I think are spot on. For example, cold approach is 60% looks and 30% game and online dating is 90% looks, and there are graphs showing various game level and...
  12. corrector

    What do you make of these artist?

    She has a real Anaconda snake that is around her neck. I've replayed this video numerous times on my desktop and once on the TV. The music and scenery is just breathtaking, but the snake being wrapped around her neck is just disturbing. What do you make of this? Was that snake a real...
  13. corrector

    Dont be like this guy...

    There is always worst things than being incel. This is my cope for tonight.
  14. corrector

    It is clear that the Asian massage killing was a demonic invasion

    Forget about the left-right political discussion, but lets put things into perspective. This is not the first time a mass shooting happened that was related to a guy visiting a prostitute. In case you forgot, the LA shooting happened after a non-incel guy visited prostitute...
  15. corrector

    Simp question about friendly cashier

    You see a cashier you want to talk to but has a lineup. There are three cashiers next to her that are free. Is it the real simp thing to wait in line? This middle aged tooking cashier has children so lets make it a total simp scenario. What did I do? We said hi to each other then I went to...
  16. corrector

    Did the police allow white protesters to invade the White House today?

    There are news reports of protesters taking selfies with the police, and the National Guard declining an invitation to come over to the White House until much later, and police helping and escorting people on the stairs to make sure nobody trips on their way getting inside the White House. If...
  17. corrector

    Anyone watch WW84?

    Surprised there is no thread on here about that. In Canada, it costs $ 29.99 plus tax (except for youtube) to watch this. In America, it's part of the HBO subscription. I have a subscription to Crave, up in Canada, which is supposed to include HBO/HBO Max, but as it's not WB owned, they...
  18. corrector

    Flu shot vaccine

    I will be seeking out to take this Flu shot vaccine BEFORE trying the Covid-19 vaccine. This way I will built up immunity to protect my body against the side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccine and if there is any adverse reaction, it's better to get it with the flu shot than with a covid-19 shot...
  19. corrector

    6 year anniversary after visiting escort. How does this feel today.

    Today is Dec 5th. 6 years ago I visited an escort from Brazil whose name was Bianca and got a catastrophic panic attack (caused by 'moral shock') the following morning, but I'm feeling great today! Best thing about having an ex-escort is you don't have to worry about reconnecting, if she'd...
  20. corrector

    Never have I ever - Netflix TV-show

    There is this show on Netflix out called "Never Have I Ever". It looks like a tween chick-flick TV-show. I saw the first few minutes of it and then shut it off right away and it had me thinking. This is exactly what incel/ethnicel is all about. You have a TV show that's supposed to show...