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    FR: Two bus cold approaches

    Similar cases, one yesterday, one this morning. Girl is sitting next to me in a bus and I'm waiting for a situational opener opportunity. First case: I notice girl has enered the bus on the same stop as me (as well as sits next to me): "Now all that's left is to tell me you're getting...
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    What is a cold approach for you? Do you do it?

    An approach just now started me thinking. In the bus a hot girl sat next to me. There was no natural topic to talk to her about and I did not feel like manufacturing one ("Oh, what a nice purse!", "Hey, what do you think about gay marriage" and such), so I just let it be. Then I started...
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    FR: Some semi-adequate approaches

    Here are two unsuccessful cold approaches I made in a semi-conscious state. (first time I was extremely nervous, second time - sunstruck). Sunday I was waiting for a person to go to lunch together, in front of a very expensive mall. I was hungry and this made me nervous, so I was pacing...
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    Field reports

    Let me ask you something: How much time passed since the last time you saw a good FR? How much since you wrote one? What does that mean? No one approaches? Of course not. But it seems to me everyone except the wining uber-AFCs is so embarassed about how infrequent and boring their actual...
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    FR: Beach approach

    I don't know about you, but lately this forum is getting me sick. It's bad enough I don't approach, but it seems to me NOBODY does, or at least nobody has the guts to tell what's happening. Here's what happened an hour ago. I'm at the beach alone. I'm bored so I start checking out chicks...
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    Money and game

    Hey guys, I just had an interesting conversation with a friend. Some of you might want to join in. So, here's the issue: Can a lot of money suplement game? Say that, for example, a person has a lot of money and this gives him great confidence in his ability to get whatever he wants. He is...
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    Jungian function theory

    Here's something interesting. Explanation why this is a tip - below.
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    FR: Give some pointers for a BD pattern

    Place: Dating site The girl is HB8 according to her picture. Here's the dialogue so far: Me: some lame, mildly C&F opener. The girl opens my profile and sees some highly C&F comment on how the girl who is reading this should not write me, because she'll probably not be able to handle...
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    "What do you dream of?"

    I just got approached on ICQ with this line by a girl. Found it interesting, because this is very alien to my way of thinking. My mindset is "set prioriry -> plan -> act". I cannot possibly respond to this question in an original way (I believe even C&F wouldn't work), but this put a thought in...
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    A lot of the advice on this site is connected with "communicating value". Have you ever wondered what that is? Or what is the difference between communicating and faking value? I know I have. Here are my thoughts on the issue. "Value" are things that increase your prospects as an individual...