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    How do I get info of "dead" hard drive

    meh strange forum to ask this lol but before going after recovery software, are you trying to boot from this hd or just trying to access it from your laptop? with that setting you have, you could access the HD as you would with a PenDrive, if that is what you are trying and can't read it...
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    The time has come for Elon Musk too...

    what annoys me is the text we still love each otehr but are separate, full of bulls. worse is some people buys it
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    Need career advice

    first wait the whole covid settle down, 5k month is a good income already, even more if you are single, so you certainly are not scraping by, personal trainers are not something really give money unless you are really charismatic, can win people over, and most important can build interesting and...
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    China's Economy is in Trouble

    meh years ago was already said china made a big bubble or that market, they was building whole cities but it was empty because there was no one buying, guess it will finally happen, only strange thing was why the stock price was raising? it should go down, so that would mean or china is pushing...
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    Why is feminism so aggressively pushed in Video Games?

    you know the good thing about games in general? I never bought my games based on ads, I search for genre and read peoiple who played opnions and see some videos, I couldn't care less about ads or space, over the internet tehre is a lot of info, good and bad, and i'm somewhere good to find info...
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    Why is feminism so aggressively pushed in Video Games?

    then they will stop selling and indie companys will take the lead, with is what is happening, I don't spend on bigger AAA games anymore because most are boring, more like watching a GC movie then playing a game
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    Girl you’ve been seeing ex calls her out of the blue

    just gonna put what I think a interested woman will not pull this sh!t on you if is true, because that could put a bad mood on the whole thing, and if is true she would "forget" him, and wouldn't put the whole thing on a bad term. understand, woman will manipulate and push for reactions, hence...
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    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    don't you guys love this kind of big guy? serious dude let the scared little girl leave the closed, no one would judge, because no one cares
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    So what do you think about the Gabby Petito case?

    but it is just another missing case, only diference is someone who is like her get interested and then they had to go the extra mile to blame everyone for it
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    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    also is not like the vaccine will prevent you from passing the virus to others or prevent mutations, if that was the case no one would still get flu after getting once or after getting the vaccine
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    Ok ok....helpful answers only...I don't need sarcasm

    dude if you work only 2 days a week, just tell her jealous? possible she was making fun of it, with is not a lie, if that worry you work more, or have fun with it, you shouldn't care, you ahve money and you pay then, leave it at that
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    Meanwhile in Florida...

    I always find this funny, people say get the shot, then say next day all hospitals are full of covid patients, but also say the people had the shot is over 80%, so its not working?
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    Am I overthinking or she's manipulating?

    as long you are poor that problem should be a issue, so always wear a condom and take a bath after should do the trick
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    NBA Player LaMelo Ball (20) impregnates IG model (32)

    old gig in the book. get preggo from someone with money and live with the kids pension, people love to learn the hard way, but hey if he was poor he would be in jail for rape and she would abort, so lucky?
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    How to pursue low interest or medium interest girls

    you don' wanna heard but you will, want woman interested in you? go after the high interest, then main a medium will get high for the competition, or spend money on then like chump hoping to buy the interest
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    Are they aware of their own BS?

    they don't like men aproaching then, unless they find him hot, or aproach in a porche or ferrari, there is a reason we say don't take female advice for dating then, one reason is they never say what they ment
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    Harridan laments that it's easy to date men that want sex, but impossible to date men that want commitment

    I dunno dude, that is too much for me, serious some not even if it was the last ***** in the world
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    Possible future for humans?

    finally someone found that rat society and make the correlation