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  1. Black Widow Void

    Time to openly admit it - I finally took the two shots

    After reading numerous testimonies from various folks that are emotionally or financially invested in the product, I took the two shots of Tequila. It’s a good thing that I took the two shots (of Tequila) sooner rather than later. I say this because..... According to 'science' and those that...
  2. Black Widow Void

    Power Pop or early Australian Punk/Wave music suggestions?

    I'm looking for Australian early Punk/Wave music suggestions. I doubt this will get any suggestions, but figured that I'd ask. I live in the U.S. but really enjoy Australian bands like the Saints, Lipstick Killers, Fun Things, New Christs, Sunny Boys, the Church etc... Curious if anyone has...
  3. Black Widow Void

    To Mask or not to Mask?

    Curious what the pro-mask forum members (in the U.S.) think of these pro-mask advocates? (the intro and pointless dance scene doesn't last long... wait a few seconds)
  4. Black Widow Void

    JulyTeenth recognition

    I'd like you all to help me petition for a holiday called "Julyteenth." This is for my fellow oppressed white folks that had a sharecropper in their family tree. Yes, one of my caucasian great-grandfather's was a sharecropper. Although I never met him, this holiday is about 'my people' of...
  5. Black Widow Void

    Curious if others have had this type of dating experience

    Although it's not extremely common, this happened on a date last night. It's not the first time either, but again, it's not very common. Ever been on a first time date with a woman that appears uncomfortable eating food in front of you? Because I enjoy getting beneath the surface about things...
  6. Black Widow Void

    What's your best text game?

    I'll freely admit that this is not one of my greater strengths (probably partly due to my disdain for meaningless texting). The best 'text game" tip I can offer is one that was likely pulled on me (but it seemed clever enough). A woman that I was lukewarm about (and barely invested any energy...
  7. Black Widow Void

    The banning of Chubb46 has me wondering

    I'm sure that this thought has crossed the minds of the 'less polite' type forum members. (I'm not always tactful and polite and include myself also in this mix). The question is... when we see someone banned that didn't give personal insults, or use 'offending' language', etc... Are we (about...
  8. Black Widow Void

    Free time - created a SoSuave meme (irony for those with a sense of humor)

    Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.
  9. Black Widow Void

    I've never ran into a single mom my entire life. Have you?

    From reading, I understand that Mother Teresa was a single mother. However, as far as those I've actually ran into in real life here.... I've bumped into "divorced mothers" "widowed mothers" and "unmarried mothers" .... but not once have I met a "single mom." Have any of you?
  10. Black Widow Void

    Got stood up by an HB9 Tranny that said I wasn't alpha enough

    Not really. Just thought that there hasn't been enough humor or enough WTF moments on the forum lately. Gotcha!
  11. Black Widow Void

    Christmas Record

    You'll probably have to be as old as me to figure this out. There's something a bit peculiar and not believable about this album cover. Curious if anyone in my age range will figure it out.
  12. Black Widow Void

    TV Commercials (your opinion?)

    It's been over half my life since I voluntarily watched commercial television. While visiting family or on dates, I'm subjected, but it's not by choice. Last night, due to an important event (which will remain nameless because I don't want certain mods to froth over my posting) I watched 6...
  13. Black Widow Void

    See you all in November

    There are some mods that I respect (so much that if in the same city, I'd welcome the opportunity to buy you a coffee or a beer) . And, there are other mods that seem to delight in revising rules regularly to their liking.... and practicing some (in my opinion) unwarranted heavy handedness. I...
  14. Black Widow Void

    Anything Else: Sports, the weather, What's Happening In The News... or Anything Else. Talk about it here.

    A thread was recently locked because it wasn't girl related. Meanwhile, we have a forum for "Anything Else" ("Sports, the weather, What's Happening In The News... or Anything Else. Talk about it here.") ... and discussing in the "Anything Else" forum ... "What's happening in the news" or...
  15. Black Widow Void


    Though doubtful that this genre of music is a favorite among this forum, I figured that I'd ask. I'm always looking to listen to new groups of this musical style and thought I'd see if anyone had suggestions?
  16. Black Widow Void

    What is cancel culture?

    Interesting enough, the below italicized ... is a copy & paste to a forum topic that just now was closed (just now .. as in, I typed the below and could not send because during my typing, a mod chose to close the topic). re...
  17. Black Widow Void

    The psychology behind it all?

    When driving, I like to do a lot of thinking toward things that I've yet to resolve. Usually, I can reach a solution, but this one is still puzzling. Years ago, I recall a friend telling me that his wife (whom is now his ex wife) behaved in a manner that he could not understand. His father had...
  18. Black Widow Void

    Using a scaffold knot to help w/ closing my garage door. Good idea?

    Read any interesting news lately?
  19. Black Widow Void

    The common factor between carpet and women

    If you lay 'em right the first time.... you can walk over 'em long afterward.