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  1. stringpuller

    Passive Dread

    Gents, Rollo knocks this one out of the park. There is so many nuggets in this one you could call it the trimester in a pregnancy. 1. Frame 2. Qualification 3. Imagination I specifically focused on the "Qualification" difinition because of its vagueness in our english language. noun 1. a...
  2. stringpuller

    Truth Honor and Integrity

    I lost some respect this weekend for the big 3....so we call them. Rollo Tomassi, Rich Cooper and Rian Stone. They want to expose the symptoms of the problem and don't want to stick there necks out and say what needs to be said. WOMAN DONT BELONG IN POLITICS...PERIOD. They are chasing...
  3. stringpuller

    Free Guitar Lesson

    So If there are any guitar players on here...Im a metal player grown from about 1987 if your interested. Metal guitar style of 80s. I give you the Chord and the rest is based off of that. How i learned my own style. Put this together for the guitar players of SS.
  4. stringpuller


    So listen all you DJs. So like just before Covid me and this drummer I know started a song project about Cleopatra. And lo and behold they are making a movie now we found out later. Synchronicity? So remember this. Cleopatra as powerful as she was submitted to MEN. With swords. Im not a video...
  5. stringpuller

    Just a Friend

    Fellas, I don't know who needs to hear this, but nobody ****s more wives, and girlfriends than "just-a-friend." Richard Cooper Fcking Brilliant Quote on Twitter. Im in ****ter jail at the moment as you would expect. The second wave of Rollos, Coopers, RoyC, and others are going to brutal...
  6. stringpuller

    Highly recommended book. I approve this message....

  7. stringpuller

    Any Hunters Out there?

    So I am in the market for a flintlock for a traditional only season in my area. I want a real wood stock and weight to length ratio for moving through swamp and brush. 3-4 mile walks. Any suggestions? Has to be traditional and not in-line.
  8. stringpuller

    I just had an Epiphany..

    Dude Im fcking buying one of these. I had NO idea these were available for purchase. DONE Fcking badazzz Had to get this out there....fcking kidding me.
  9. stringpuller

    Ovulation Cycles.

    Guys i dont often start threads. Not needed BUT this one is a doozy. Plate game or Ltr. Doesn't matter but if you are not currently monitoring your plate or Ltr Ovulation cycle you are missing out on a fck ton of info regarding sexuality and womens emotional mix. Rollo mentions this briefly as...
  10. stringpuller

    Hey mods...

    Just got a private message from Biggoal? Thought he was banned? Anyway i get messages sometimes asking questions but not going to entertain this. Has he been reinstated or something? Might be a troll deal just a heads up to you guys. If not let me know.
  11. stringpuller

    How your women address's you

    Ok guys lets hear it. What does your woman call you? Address you? In conversation and daily life? Cute names, titles, nicknames whatever. What are the ways that the SS members hear their name?
  12. stringpuller

    Girls Night Out

    Gentlemen, This topic has been heated up lately with a few of the guys in my circle and at work. When your in an LTR and or married and the "girls only" starts happening. "Girls night out" With no invite for you. Maybe things are great maybe they or not. Factors factor in but overall i...
  13. stringpuller

    Men and Women are Not The same

    Which leads you to "think" you can rationalize with her. Rollos podcast. Yes im quoting a guru and i find this to be astoundingly true. Appealing to womens reason is an astoundingly beta action in today's world. And in the past When we start to supplicate to womens reason we become unhappy...
  14. stringpuller

    Awaiting your death?? Or Loyalty?

    Is this authentic or not? " he needs to get back on the road because hes driving me mad" Lol quote.. Does she already have a side gig???
  15. stringpuller

    OT. Conceal Carry

    Guys i just recently bought a micro pistol for conceal carry. Im in a state that allows with permit. My paperwork is complete and going on the 2nd to the sherriff's office. Any CCP guys here and how do you carry and why? I tend to wear tighter clothes and in hot weather wear shorts. Obviously...
  16. stringpuller

    Wedding day slap

    Check out @LadyRedWave’s Tweet: Respect? No respect? Thoughts. I know what I'm thinking.
  17. stringpuller

    For all you Slow to get it cucks.

    Right from the mouth of the source Google it. Read it and understand what's going on. Come on guys its not hard. This is Poker!!
  18. stringpuller

    The Cell Phone

    Has changed the world gentlemen within 15 years time. From finances to travel. You think game is any different? Same effect. Use it wisely and you will reap the rewards. Its like the curtain before the show. Its the next level of modern game that seals the link between your eye contact and your...
  19. stringpuller

    Could someone Please TELL ME!

    Who spilt the IDIOT soup around this place?? Fckn serious? We have the greatest minds trying to leave something for you idiots and you refuse to take notice. Reading Comprehension is a thing. Its a work...you do it... then take action by understanding what the hell they are telling you. But oh...
  20. stringpuller

    Here's one for you....

    Whats up with the NFL handing these mics to these washed up old *****zzz who have neen riding the carousel for 15 years?? If your going to put women behind the mic give me something to enjoy. What a fckn joke the NFL is becoming. Leage of beta azz cucks with muscles. Give me a fckn break.