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    Female Delusion Calculator

    I Got Standards Bro - Female Delusion Calculator https://igotstandardsbro.com/ Looks legit......
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    Dont force the fit

    To all the "good girls" that cared about me, that i blew off to chase the aloof girls. If i only knew back then.....
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    Swedish Govt Trying To Stop Men From Marrying Feminine Thai Women

    HA! And yet, liberal swedish government never has any issue with mass importing young (north-) african men. This is just hilarious how all of the sudden the o so liberal swedish women lose their shyt about migration when quality men walk away from them and get some foreign pvssy.
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    LTR advise "Keep your ****ing foot on her neck......"

    "She needs to know, that she can be replaced at any time..." Been there, done that, it works!
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    Make her chase your dlck

    This concept rather falls into relationship-game. It worked for me in my last 4 LTRs, i guess this could be interesting for other guys as well. And off course there is always room for improvement and discussion. Men usually only need women to get sex and/or have kids, therefore relationships...
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    The "You will die as a lonely, sad, old man!" argument.

    Its something i get confronted with from time to time. How do you guys deal with that topic? Being married or in LTR doesnt mean you will have (or want) that wife in your last years with you. Having kids doesnt guarantee they will be there in your later life, though they could. What does the...
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    For the kid, but how long?

    I am in a relationship with my wife since 8 years, married since 4 years. I lived a blue-pilled life until all hell broke loose when my wife started to completely freak out after our son was born 3,5 years ago. I wont go into all the detail, lets just say she went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde a...