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    Are men hypergamous?

    I often hear the claim "both men and women are hygergamous and desire the best mate possible." I disagree completely. As a man with knowledge of female nature, I desire a woman who has lower SMV than I for a long-term relationship. I know that on a biological level women are most satisfied...
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    Career advice

    So, I'm a professional gambler and women generally detest gambling. I used to be honest about my profession with women, but began lying due to their adverse reaction. My current go to is that I'm a real estate investor, but I've been thinking of coming up with a new storyline. Any ideas?
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    Dicaprio: conscious or subconscious?

    It's well known (at least in the manosphere) that DiCaprio doesn't date women over 25. My question is whether this is a conscious decision, or he simply naturally loses attraction to his partners when they reach that age.
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    Second thoughts about ending relatuonship

    I started dating a girl off Hinge in October and we made the decision to become exclusive in January. I'd say I'm a 7 or 7.5 and she's a 5 or 5.5, so we were a good match. Ideal SMV gap; she felt I was a catch and I was just happy to have a sweet girl who didn't put me through a ton of BS. I...
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    Reveal age before entering relationship?

    I've been seeing a girl I met on an OLD app for the past month. She's 25, decent looking, has her life together (career, own apartment, etc). She's made it clear she's interested in seeing each other exclusively. The primary issue is that I'm 33 years old and listed my age as 25 on the app. I...
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    Vasectomy advice

    I've decided to get a vasectomy. I'm 32 years old and have never wanted kids. I don't have a lot of disposable income and am looking for an inexpensive method of getting the procedure done ($500 or less.) Any options in my price range? Furthermore if any men care to share their personal...
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    Getting young girls on dates

    I've been pulling a bunch of snaps off tinder but have been unable to successfully get the girls on a date. I've been taking precaution not to come off as needy/desperate but I've probably blown it a couple times out of frustration. Basically I've just been getting every excuse in the book, you...
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    You must tell yourself she's already left

    I truly believe there's only one way to interact with romantic interests: to tell yourself she's already left and respond accordingly. Think about it rationally; what percent of relationships stand the test of time (until one partner dies)? The percentage is infinitesimally small. Therefore...
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    Where to meet wingmen?

    I just moved to a new city where I know essentially no one. I'm looking for wings to go out with but have no idea where to procure them. Some ideas I've had: Meetup groups Bumble friendship Going out by myself and interacting with others FWIW I'm 32 so a little old for the nightclub scene...
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    Date had Tinder account banned

    Last night I went out with a girl from Tinder. Terrible date; she got pissy drunk and refused to let me take her home, so I had no choice but to leave her at the bar. The following morning she sent me some scathing texts which I laughed off. I foolishly forgot to block her on Tinder and voila my...
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    Post-sex no contact

    I've seen dating coaches advocate never being the first to initiate contact after sex. The reasoning being the first person to contact cedes control. If the girl never contacts you after you simply never speak to her again. Any opinion on this strategy?
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    Wingman Minneapolis

    31, black, fit and attractive. Will be in town until December.
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    Potential compatibility issues with younger women

    I'm 31 y/o and have experience dating women from ages 18-35. I'm seeking a LTR and am most interested in women ages 18-23 for a myriad of reasons. 1: I find them more fun and enjoyable to socialize with 2: They're more attractive and will retain their attractiveness longer than older women...
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    Wingman Halifax

    31, black, fit and attractive. Will be in town 2 weeks to a month
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    Age and female sex drive

    It has recently been brought to my attention that female sex drive peaks in their early 30s. I'm debating whether I should change my approach to game. I'm 31 myself, however like the majority of men I find women ages 19-26 the most attractive. I generally pretend to be younger than my age and...
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    Optimizing Tinder while visiting city

    I'm a 31 year old black American who's visiting a friend in Novia Scotia for a few weeks. I'm interested in the optimal method for Tinder game. I am mainly interested in girls ages 18-25 and list my age as 26. Option #1 is to wait until I arrive in Canada, reset my account and message the...