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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    If I am doing IF…do I also need to meticulously measure my food? I’m talking a food scale paired with myfitnesspal and cutting out entire food groups. I want to lose weight and have my abs be somewhat visible. My genetics aren’t good for it and nobody in my family has ever had visible abs...
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    Fat girls

    Where are they on the 1-10 scale? How many of you realize the myth of them being easier is just that, a myth? With some exceptions, such as being some trailer trash old lady. Anyway I have no problem with girls with pretty faces but fat, not sure entirely what the problem is there, but I...
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    Should I **** homeless women?

    We all know the rule about women dating up. Seems my league is homeless, toothless drug addicts. Should I just go around the ghetto areas hitting on all the homeless women to get laid?
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    Using money to attract women without getting used

    If I focus I’m sure I can be making six figures in my thirties. At least 100k a year. Until then just being with escorts is fine for me. I only like women in their 20s, preferably mid 20s. My genetics make getting abs a big pain in the ass and that paired with the fact I will be over 30, my...
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    Lower back pain from leg day

    I’ve been lifting for a while so have obviously done leg day before but I must have done something wrong last time because my lower back ****ing hurts. It was getting a little better but I did a full upper body day then ran 5k yesterday and now it’s back with a vengeance. Should I just do upper...
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    Drug to make me crazy horny

    What’s a drug that can make me crazy horny to where laugh lines and missing teeth are not a boner killer?
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    “Physically fit”

    Can we stop saying a guy has to be “physically fit” to bang reasonably attractive women, and just say he needs 6 or 8 pack abs?
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    Women in Virginia

    I currently live in Denver, formerly known as Menver. The gender ratio is apparently more balanced than it used to be but women are either extremely stuck up or they are crackheads. I know there are more women than men in a lot of Virginia towns and a much smaller drug problem. Are the women easier?
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    How do they pull it off

    r/AgeGapRelationship is like 90% older guys with younger women. Of course the younger women are hot, and in many cases the guy is in decent shape but I can’t imagine they’re all ripped. And this is like 24 year old girls with 55 year old men. Is it money?
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    Do hot women really like tradesmen?

    To be real, most of the white collar men I know have the best looking girlfriends/wives. I see an exception now and then where a construction worker is with a pretty woman but for the most part it’s toothless hardcore druggies etc. What have you observed irl?
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    So can you or can you not date pretty women as an older man?

    And by pretty I mean young. I have seen posts saying you can date 19 year old girls in your 30s and I’ve seen posts that say a 35 year old man will only be able to get old ladies his age or older. So in this thread I want to know once and for all how doable it is to date pretty young women.
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    How many women 35+ are remotely attractive?

    I was looking through my old posts and saw a thread called “how many women under 35 are attractive?” and had a little question of my own. Most women over 35 and especially over 40 turn me right off automatically.
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    Bulking, cutting, and strength building

    I have a simple question that isn't really clearly answered according to my sources. Is it true that I need to be low body fat before building muscle, or is that just if I want to look good? From what I deduce from what I have read you will gain mostly fat if you are above 15% body fat and you...
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    Passive income

    Anyone here have a passive income stream? I'm talking about passive income that amounts to $2000 or more per month. How long did it take to build and how much work do you put into it per week keeping it alive?
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    How to get laid without game

    I can't learn game or improve my social life. I have tried. How can a man get with young women if he can't learn game? I know I can go to Nevada or something for legal prostitution but are there other ways? Heads up I prefer to only buy sex where it's legal because I know I will get stung
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    Is it possible to get laid if you work 7 days a week?

    I'm talking girls younger than 40, no meth addiction and not missin any taith
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    Should I sleep with really ugly woman?

    I am an incel with pretty much no sexual experience. I am almost 26 but now a 45 year old ex-tweaker wants to hook up with me. Problem is that much like you guys are repulsed by fat chicks I am repulsed by older women (like 15 years older and more) plus I hate tweakers with the burning passion...
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    Friendzone Sex

    I have heard here and on trp that when a girl is mad enough at her boyfriend she sometimes looks to one of her orbiters to bang them. Does this actually happen, and if so how can I be that orbiter?
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    Psa: Awalt proves true

    I was hanging with my social circle and two of the girls were talkin about cheating like it's normal and men should "stop bitching" about it. Be aware, fellas.
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    Progress and rejection

    I finally went out and started cold approaching last night. It was new and I learned a good bit off a few rejections alone, but ultimately pretty underwhelming. I lost count of how many approaches I did, got blown out of all of them until the last one (I didn't pull though). I thought the girls...