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  1. evan12

    Building an entry level IT portfolio

    Getting job as developer is far more easy than get a job as IT , if you insist to be IT person and desired you have two specialties : Cyber security Cloud Architecture ( profession either Azure or AWS )
  2. evan12

    Selling coffee with own brand (buying from a coffee roasting supplier)

    My uncle was selling coffee , he did good by just selling it from his shop as all the shop was for grinding and selling coffee, but when he tried to package and sell to other shops he didnt succeed , I personally tried to sell it and most shop owners were saying you are not a known brand
  3. evan12

    Woman in Belgium banned from zoo for developing a relationship with a chimp

    No they cant Chimp and humans are genetically too far from each others.
  4. evan12

    Gym Pickups---A good small move to start

    This is women narrative when they asked by men, in fact gym is one of the best places (after workplace) to find a partner. women will be open for the one they want , just test the water first and dont move fast. especially women who are in weights area, these are the one who are most open to new...
  5. evan12

    I can see why PUAs are arrested in Toronto

    Toronto have a lot of thirsty men , you will only experience if you go out with woman, everyone try to find a reason to talk with a woman , from the teenager to the old man . Like someone said, average men are not the target of Toronto women , if you are average you will have zero chances...
  6. evan12

    Is Montreal really this bad for dating?

    Everything this guy is saying is correct, women and people in general will be more friendly to you as long as you act as tourist and not like some sex depraved guy.
  7. evan12

    Being outside today

    How do you know they are not using OLD ? you are just assuming , because a woman is out on the beach it doesnt mean she is only hunting offline. Online dating is very active especially for women and hot men.
  8. evan12

    stock market bubble pop imminent

    why you think tech are in bubble, they are doing good money today , beside that their P/E seem reasonable for most of them
  9. evan12

    stock market bubble pop imminent

    It is not low, the governments are playing with its metrics , if same 80th metrics are used today , you would have the inflation rate about 10% per year , houses are just reflecting the real inflation rate
  10. evan12

    Are my looks holding me back?

    Your main goal in life is to bread with females to produce babies, not to be funny or nice with them . They look for hot guys for the same natural reason , trying to get the hottest guy to bread with. For now focus on studying , but it doesnt hurt to gain some experience with girls especially...
  11. evan12

    How to move to entrepreneur if you are paid good salary

    There is also comfort of life, currenly I am enjoying my work/life balance, to work 15 hour as business owner , the business should at least provide 2X of what I am making now to this sacrify.
  12. evan12

    Investment tips for a low budget

    stock options, they are high risk but also high return , you can do that daily. but be aware they are very risky and you could easily loose all the initial investment amount.
  13. evan12

    stock market bubble pop imminent

    There is no bobble, for simple reason , we are seeing price increase because of inflation, so yes these prices are the new norm , they are not bobbles
  14. evan12

    Late Bloomer Seeking Advice

    Since you are going to be electrician , there is no need to branch to another business, start from now building your future business by building website, registering in directories like home starts and google. start marketing ( don't worry if actual job come , you can always subcontract it to...
  15. evan12

    How to move to entrepreneur if you are paid good salary

    So I have a high paying job that pay all my bills plus live kind of comfortable life ( not luxury or anything , still have to watch my spending ). I tried many times to leave the employment and start my business, however there are many issues that stopped me every time : 1- The ideas I have...
  16. evan12

    Project 2021 | Growing Your Social Status

    I had same your goal when I first came to Canada, for me it was very tough , for two reasons, first I was introvert, second , I was discriminated against my race, people were very rude to me, doesn't want to do anything with me, until I moved to Toronto, when it was more diverse, life start...
  17. evan12

    For those in upper management?

    If you feel guilty give him 1 month severance so he can find another job . Give him a warning that make it clear he is not staying here for a long time then fire him after 1 month. Example , tell him there is suspicion that yo provided false info , if that get proved you might need to find...
  18. evan12

    Why PUA's, MGTOW's, SoSuavers All Fail at Extremely High Rates

    I think all these methods get summarized by the following: Be social Do self improvement Have the traditional manly traits ( confidents , care less , frame, direction ) . The only untrue part was they hide the importance of look and age , and that was for commercial reasons , as most of their...
  19. evan12

    Swedens Bachelorette.

    she is looking for this : But she dont want to look desperate, when woman tell you crazy things, she is saying that because she is lying , women know what they want , but they pretend crazy when they are ashamed by their real wants
  20. evan12

    Hey fellas, need your help to realize this terrible idea

    I know how you feel , you know shoot the message , things will not go worse, you are already ended everything, the bad truth to know is women forget more quickly the men they were with because they get more easy new ones, dont be surprised if she dont have any feeling toward you.