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    Not doing it right

    Two threads posted by 2 different DJs. One says OLD is a waste of time and the other Sat's pickup is a waste. Are DJs becoming mgtow? Fellas, the SMP IS A DUMPSTER FIRE. ^^^ Read it again. ^^^ Read Aaron's new book. The ROI of women is rubbish. You are putting in more work than ever...
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    RIP to one of the originals Gs!

    I jad no clue. @RangerMIke brought up Doc Love. I remember finding him on askmen ages ago. Early 2000s.i remember reading the system. I think it's more geared towards dating, relationships, and exclusivity. Still, the verdict of what it warrants is solid especially on the focus of interest...
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    Women, the tough guy of 2020 until reality sets in LULz

    The stun gun was a bit extra. Lulz! There's a numerous amount of women who for whatever delusional reality and crazy they live in assume that they are able to do whatever. Stand up like a man one sec, whimper in cowardice fashion the next sec. It's a bit of a overreaction but women need to...
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    reality check when everyone is playinhg house. gayyyyyyy!

    Last weekend, i ran into some of my old mates from once upon a time. EVERYONE is playing house. Even the former playboys. The few stragglers grabbed hogs. The one lad still has it but I cringe at most of what I see. Many are dad bods. Several held out. Many had great runs. The cringe parts...
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    Transcript + 23 & me

    I watched the recent PTW and the point of the 23 and me + transcript the results looks like a very useful resource. Cooper had it done. It showed he was failing to breakdown micro estrogenics and faux estrogenics. The style of training, the diet selection, the fasting time window, and the amount...
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    Bill m accused of sexual harassment; strap up fellas

    Fellas, strap up. Psycho feminists and women attention seekers will play the game. Maybe or maybe not, he Could be guilty. Sexual harassment = not liking advancement False accusations are the feminism royal flush. I have archived absolutely ridiculous amount of receipts from my days...
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    Zeroed out proof

    Outside millionaire status, I don't know if there's anything a man can do to be what Naseem Taleb called antifragile. We're currently leaving a digital foot print. No doubt, doxed would get just about everyone zeroed out in the forums. I am not talking about women. A dime a dozen especially in...
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    16 hour fast. Not doing **** and my abs are popping. Spring is coming fellas. Give it a go. I started intermittent fasting. It compounded with lifting and hitt training. 8 hours of food window. 16 hour fast.
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    Come clarity

    I watched a recent vlog by Rooshv and it has me doing a lot of soul searching [coupled with a heavy psychedelic trip most recently]. As stated in the past, like a broken record, I can't bump game and pickup enough. It has altered my sex life and my way of being. The lens in which I view the...
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    Man goes Cobra Tate on the world. Take that divorce rape!

    I saw this. Its what Tate said he would do. There's apparently a new way to combat divorce rape.
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    Female tactic

    One of the female tactics i notice in the worod today is the targeting of male resources. It could be divorce rape, #metoo, false accusations, petty trip to HR anong a variety of different things. Years ago, RooshV tripped to Canads. He went viral by being attacked by women and mobs of white...
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    Millennial women midlife crisis 30 (pepper your Angus.. Victimhood tangent in 321!) LULz

    Men Even with divorce rapey, girl power, victimhood, the riding the CC crater smv, and crazy cat ladies by 30 post wall. There's a reason why low in agreeableness and high in conscienceness, risk taker will Trump effect. Its why women want socialism, basket weaving degree, and degrees in...
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    The storm is coming fellas: Cratered SMV = invisibility

    The above is a classic example of when solipsism meets reality check. The fallout is of course victimhood at which point, zero ****s are given. SMV crashes and burns, its game over. But, society says she's special.
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    the welcome to Gotham clown World- war against men rages on... prepare yourself.

    The presupposition being, man is bad. The attack being man pursues "young vulnerable" women. Its comical given, the women likely have a higher kill count.II don't know the guy nor the channel. It just continues to be a war against men. Even rollo has it wrong attacking rsd and other PUA's...
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    Road trip US to find a wife @40+ <hail Mary on tren>

    So, after decades of game, a dozen + books, playboy is in his car touring via road trip across America. Correct me if I am wrong, The goal (apparently) is to find a wife. The dude is doing tours, meetups, and vblog the experience of a life time. Apparently, he has found God and wants a wife...
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    2hour 48min time stamp. Dude ebrags of a 1010 kill count including 2 trannys (admittedly). He was also kicked out of rsd for being too crazy. Julian is still on after a 5 country ban but not this guy. Used the handle JMLUV back on rsdnation once upon a time. This is going full retard. I...
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    You can't be half a gangster

    Cus D'Amato, the famous trainer of Iron Mike once told a story about gangsters. 1hour 4min time stamp. This follows the biggest upset since buster Douglas knocked out Tyson. Cus talks about the gangsters before their come up. They have no attachments to life, death, and or possessions...
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    Rollo kicked off rmg and 21

    These guys are going to go hanibal lector and start eating each other lulz! Link above June 2, rollo cancelled his 21 con Poland appearance and further talks. RMG is being disband. I always assumed it was a cash grab and that the majority of the panels were betas pedaling more crap...
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    Freaked the ****kkkk out... Woke with black spot on my D :(

    Serious thread is serious. I have made a series of poor lifestyle choices with women, pickup, and game. I have attempted to be more cautious but, you know one thing leads to another. The other morning, I woke up and noticed a black spot on my D. I freaked the **** out thinking I broke myself...
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    The Hero's Journey in Clown World & & & going out on your ****ing shield!

    This is a post has been a long time coming. There's such a war on men especially white males and more recently, I see the attack on black men (cuckoldry embedded in movies as if to normalise ****ery). There's a lack of fatherhood, mentorship, role models, brotherhood, etc now a days. Male...