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    Need input on promotion

    Ok... I have always pushed myself in everything I’ve ever done and when I started at this job dreamed of going as far as possible. I am at year 18 in my current career and have a great job. I manage 4 different offices that run themselves. I can travel between these offices... make my own...
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    Popping joints

    Does anyone else have this issue. Not injury prone... no pain... but for whatever reason when I stand up... or walk... or stretch.. my joints pop and crack. If anyone ever watched one of those chiropractor videos on YouTube I sound like someone getting adjusted. Does anyone know what or...
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    Prince Harry

    What in the Hell are we watching ? I have never in my life seen someone this whipped.... in a few months maybe a year we may actually have our first Royal posting on so suave after she leaves him and he’s stranded in America because his country won’t take him back.
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    Wtf the wall

    I guess I have been living in somewhat of a bubble since I graduated high school in 99. I went my own way... discovered this site... never got on social media and would only pursue girls I found attractive. They were almost always much younger than me. Yesterday I was golfing and after the...
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    Need some help improving

    40 years old and looking for advice. I found this board in 2002 and it helped me immensely with women but this is more of a question on improving my relationships with people in general. I am an introvert.. genuinely love spending time alone. I workout, hunt, fish, play golf, swim, run...
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    For those in upper management?

    Tomorrow i am terminating an employee for falsifying reporting data. This employee is in his early 20’s, Just married with a kid on the way. I’ve terminated people before but for some reason this one is bothering me. Is there any mindset or attitude you all take when dealing with this?
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    Am I the only one?

    I feel like I am a dinosaur... I have never used online dating.... and have no social media. Are there others here that have somehow managed to remain frozen circa 2000?
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    Anyone ever just lose interest?

    I just turned 40 and can say by all accounts since I found this site my life has been a success. I am making great money.. I have zero bills and am financially secure. At 40 I’m in the best shape of my life and things should be looking up. I’ve recently lost interest in the game. In my...
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    In a bad funk

    I never post threads like this but I have honestly never felt this down. I do not know if this is the quarantine or what but as of late i have this feeling of " who gives a f" in my state there is no end in site. I have a home gym and workout a ton.. I am an essential employee so I am...
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    When to call the quits on your office

    I work in a rather large company and am currently in charge of an office of 20 people. I have the ability because of our structure to transfer into a new position at any time. I have been at my office for 2.5 years and inherited the most difficult office in our company. Our CEO has...
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    Question on genes and balding

    Ok slightly off the wall question but I have always worried about balding. If I had a decent head for shaving I probably wouldn’t care as much but my head will not look good shaved. My question is does the mother’s father always predict hairloss?? I only ask because my grandfather was bald by...
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    Presenting in front of large groups

    I suck at preparing and presenting in front of people. I had a presentation tonight in front of 200 people and i felt it was god awful. I focused on not reading from the power point like a fcking robot and ended up doing that. Any advice on how to actually get good at this.... uhh
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    Work funk

    Ok... so I am in mid management.. in charge of a large office. I am the head of my branch and my supervisor is essentially retired on duty. I am young for my position and my office is the most senior in the organization so at any moment I can lose them and with their union there isn’t much I...
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    Failed branch swing

    Last year I almost got myself involved with a woman who claimed her marriage was ending. She literally morphed and portrays all the traits I would want in a woman. Loving, caring, home maker, fitness enthusiast... in the back of my mind I kept saying wtf man you need to bail.. she has kids...
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    What makes females approach?

    I have noticed this happening more and more with me. just last night I was out with my buddies and was not interested in getting puss. Seriously wanted to eat and drink since I’m off today. In the bar there was a group of 21-23 year old chicks. My buddy said hey I think those girls are...
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    Ego is sucking me in

    Ok here is the situation girl is a 10. We ****ed around while separated from her husband. Turns out that she wasn’t really separated. Now going thru a divorce. I initially bolted since she will soon be a single mom with 3 kids. I know this situation is bad but my ego keeps sucking me...
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    Weird issue need advice

    Ok... about 8 months ago I thwarted an attempted branch swing. Serious lapse in judgement and a mistake I will never make. She was married and I’m living with my ltr we never got physical but had i not been so cautious we easily could have. She used the L word and I sent a farewell message...
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    Do females ever grow up?

    I am currently 38 years old and when i was in my early 20's i had my share of hookups with females from 19 to early 30's. They were all ready to fck under the right circumstances regardless of their relationship status. These girls would jump from guy to guy... bar to bar... club to club...
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    Unexpected anger

    ok...don't know where this came from or why the fck I'm feeling like this. Quick summary around Nov... me and a girl I have known for 5 years start meeting up and hooking up. She is married with 3 kids... uses the love word often. Blames husband for their marriage ending. She ends up getting...
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    Approaching 40 and friendships

    Slightly off topic but something i was hoping to get some input on. My entire life I have always had a group of close friends. In high school and college I had what i would call my best group of friends. After we graduated they went on and did the marriage and kids thing. I was in all...