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    Science points to alpha fux beta bux and women’s menstrual cycle

    https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/252024#1 Alpha fux beta bux in a 2012 study?
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    Plates finding out about each other

    So I've been in a complicated relationship/situation with a FWB/Plate for 8 months. It's been a fairly intense ride as there are strong feelings expressed from both sides and on top of that, she went back to her ex around month 3-4 but has been seeing me still. She's tried to end it with me but...
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    Quickest Meeting to Lay Story

    A few years ago I just moved to a new town, was spending the weekend moving into my place and walked downtown to a pizza place for a lunch break. Sat at the bar, started talking to this chick that was by herself and by the time I was finished she came back to my place with me. Banged her all...
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    Just Tell Her How You Feel...

    I’ve personally gotten this advice from friends; Have had a chick recently say this to me: “I’m hesitant because I just don’t know how you really feel about us, it seems you can take it or leave it”; And just this past weekend, a girlfriend of a girl that has been flaking on my buddy said...
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    FR: 2nd date. Night cap at my place. No s**

    TL;DR 2nd date. Drinks, dinner, night cap back at my place. Make out but nothing more. Hard to sexualize the conversation. Fairly intense/driven female professional that talked a lot about work and herself. Texted when she got home, then again in the morning to hang out again that day. Had a...
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    Can you be both the Alpha Fuk and Beta Buck?

    It’s pretty much always talked about that you are either one or the other and that women can’t find both aspects of their dualistic mating strategy in one man, hence the common stories of hypergamy in action. Is it possible? If yes, have you experienced it or what’s it look like?
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    How To Be The Side Guy

    Morality of messing with someone's else's woman aside, sometimes it's reality. She's either monkey branching, or has a provider at home with no intention of leaving him but you fulfill a need. 1. You are on HER (and her dude's) schedule. It's extremely hard to lead the relationship. 2. You...
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    Can you game a woman player?

    Can good game work on a woman player? Most of the tips on Game are healthy ways to be a man, and the stuff preached by some dating coaches (i.e. c*rey w*yne) seem like they work great on "normal" girls, but what if you're dealing with a player? How do you turn things around, get the power...
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    How would you respond?

    Been seeing this girl on and off for about 6 months. Back around Thanksgiving, she went back to her ex and I thought it was over, but she came back around about a month later and has been seeing me (mainly for secs 2-3 times a week) and him as well the rest of the time. Once I came to terms with...
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    Didn’t escalate...

    Had a day date doing an outdoor activity with a smoking hot personal trainer. This was our second time - the first date was 2 months ago doing the same activity and she declined anything after where I could escalate. This time she reached out, suggested we go again, but added "or get drinks...