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    Does a girl's past sex life bother you? To what degree?

    I was once asked that question by a girl "How many is too many?" I was like "I don't know... a hundred maybe?" Really, what does it matter? If anything, a higher number means she doesn't take sex very emotionally. It could be a sign of a major issue but won't be the first one you're likely to...
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    My friend has 2 weeks to live.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NA This reminded me of Steve Jobs's speach, pasting for those that never had a chance to hear it: 1. Don't be afraid to do things that don't make sense - trust your gut and it will make sense in the future 2. Don't settle 3. Your time is limited, so...
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    She doesnt answer the phone twice need adivice please

    I usually place call 2 a few days after call 1, and call 3 a week after call 2. But most girls never pick up anyway and I don't put much importance on this, it's the way things work. There's a probably a better way to do this but not caring seems to work fine - eventually some of them do pick up.
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    "The average number of sexual partners for men in a lifetime is 7. For women, it is 4

    Heh, the year is irrelevant - these numbers are impossible everywhere but ancient Sparta. (widespread male-male gay relationships is pretty much the only reason men can have more partners than women on average) These are the REPORTED numbers from a survey - which shows that women report much...
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    How would you react to your girl kissing a guy?

    Nope, it was perfectly clear. The simple fact that you ask us why your girl kissed another guy is enough to assess the situation. As said before, the meaning of the kiss depends on the frame. If you don't know the meaning of the kiss you don't know what the frame is. And if you don't know what...
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    Is it ok that her IL is increasing slowly or is that my failure as a DJ?

    http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59150 Lesson 9: Be not contained by formula. Your goal is to get the girl. As long as you achieve this goal and have fun doing it it's pretty much irrelevant whether you've done it as a proper DJ or not.
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    Does NOT knowing about Twilight put you at a disadvantage with girls?

    Just watched it from the place I stopped, the topic made me curious. It seems that "team Jacob" or "team Edward" refers to whether you think a girl is better off with a vampire or a werewolf for a boyfriend. Serious and important dilemma in the chick world it seems... I'll remember this next...
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    Does NOT knowing about Twilight put you at a disadvantage with girls?

    Why not just watch the movie? Act instead of hesitating. You've obviously already lost more than 1.5 hour thinking about it. Even if you get sick of it during the first half hour like me, you can always talk about this. Being up to date with popular culture is a good thing. Not vital, but good.
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    How would you react to your girl kissing a guy?

    Thanks for starting the lame topic. While writing you to look up the DJ Bible I decided to give it another read too. It was motivating. http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59150 Look up lesson 11 - get a girl that likes you and she won't feel the need to go around kissing...
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    Dealing with being passed over for another guy in public?

    It's not real guilt, she's doing exactly the same as you - fishing for a positive review. Offer her to write a good review if she writes one for you first, then be done with the attention wh0re.
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    Explain why 'no contact' works.

    It's not AFC if you contact her, see her and then kiss-close or f-close. (or at least attempt to do so) It is AFC if you contact her all the time, see her on her terms and make no escalation attempt whatsoever.
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    Is it possible I have to act more AFC towards my GF?

    Not always acting like you're the Terminator is not acting AFC. The mistake guys make when they get with a girl is that they act tough in the beginning, but then their inner frame melts and they turn into these clingy onetis types that bore women and drive them away. It's perfectly ok to...
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    People who think it's easy to get girls annoy me

    Blah, blah, thinking about how to be confident is a catch 22. Just power through the dry spell and all will be ok. Your female friend giving advice sounds a lot like my female roommate during a recent dry spell I had - "more confidence, less action". To hell with this - go and be as insecure as...
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    Caught girlfriend out with another male, 2 yr relationship is over.

    Don't know the the whole story, but the "kicked her out part" tells me enough. The original mistake was to let her stay at your place, with you paying the rent. This immediately set you in a provider frame. Girls are as much slaves to their emotions as we are. All things considered the guy...
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    Tired of sh!t tests? Get good at them here!

    reframe: "You think so? Just wait till you see his sister!" sh1t test: "I hate guys who only think about sex"
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    Is this a ***** way of getting chicks?

    Only if it doesn't work. :) I think via a "hidden" form of communication it's much easier to be your real self and the more personal it gets the more you hold back out of politeness. With a strong enough frame the things you say on the phone won't be weird when you say them in person. But...
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    a girl who is happy to keep seeing u 1 on 1 tho has no IL is attention wh0re?

    You're looking at this from a very wrong and twisted perspective. The last thing you need from a girl is a useless moral evaluation. You need to face reality: this girl doesn't like you. And it doesn't matter. The general wisdom on this site is that it's a lot easier to spark attraction in...
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    a girl who is happy to keep seeing u 1 on 1 tho has no IL is attention wh0re?

    You started three topics (that i see at least) about some girl who never showed you a single indicator that you have even a remote chance of hooking up! And in all three you're not even asking for advice but basically looking for excuses to continue chasing her. Let me suggest three better...
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    I hate this website, was happier before I found it

    Self-confidence is no rocket science. Just make yourself look good (clothes, ect.) and then see yourself in the mirror. Consider how you look, what you have going for you, ect. Would you date yourself? If not, find out why. If yes, find a woman smart enough to agree with you. Women are not...