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    Guide to sosuave for the newbies

    I'm not going to bother formatting this to make it look like a blog post. This is not "the 10 things you NEED to GET WOMEN" or whatever. Just the goods: 1. Read the bible. In particular: - Read the pook material - If you are interested in relationship stuff, read the antidump material 2. Set...
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    She's just as nervous and awkward as you are

    Everyone is just as awkward (actually, MORE awkward) than you. Nobody knows what they're doing in this whole "dating thing." Especially her. The sooner you realize this the better. Don't wait for "signs" or indicators of interest -- assume she's nervous and flustered. This especially goes for...
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    Do you guys actually enjoy being around women?

    Seriously, I'd like to know. I'm always astonished at how many posts here are borderline (or full-on) misogynistic. You're presumably here because you want to get with women. So I'm assuming that at some level you enjoy the company of women. How does b*tching about the lack of quality girls or...
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    leaving the "window of opportunity" open

    Usually when a girl is really into you, you have to go for it immediately before she starts to think you don't know how to take a hint, or that you aren't attracted to her, etc. Does anyone have any experience with leaving that window open for a couple of weeks though? This girl is trying to...
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    don't worry about things you can't change

    You've all heard it before but it bears repeating. If you really think feminism or your height is ruining your game I guess you could complain about it or wear platforms, but if your priority is to get better with women/life then you might want to focus on that instead of some perceived bias...
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    a female perspective of the "nice guy"

    Just thought this would be fun to post. The female perspective is almost EXACTLY the same as the male one. And before anyone jumps on me for posting "feminist propaganda" or whatever, yes it appears the site is extremely biased but I haven't looked at the rest. It's just interesting to see this...
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    how do you guys have time for "plate spinning"?

    I've always wondered this. I'm not talking about going out and meeting new girls or getting laid at a party, I mean when people talk about keeping a bunch of girls on a steady rotation. Do you have to consciously scale back other activities? Between my hobbies, fitness, school, work...
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    Just get 2-3 hobbies, hit the gym, and go out sometimes. That's it.

    Serious. Just have stuff that you love doing, stay in shape, and then most of these natural "DJ" characteristics will come with it. No more wondering when to get back to her -- you just do it when you can squeeze it in. No more looking for girls everywhere -- you meet them because you're...
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    You guys ever get back in touch with your "no contacts"?

    Got dumped by a girl like, 6 years ago, and then the other night ended up out with her and some friends. She was all over me as if it was back in the day. It's been so long that I don't even think about her, it was kind of a weird "full circle" moment. You guys ever had something like this happen?
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    Girls want sex, too

    They've had dry spells. They'd like to leave with a guy to **** for once. They want to *** without the showerhead tonight. I just felt that I should remind you guys of that, because a lot of posts here operate under this notion of the girl as some sort of "guy filter" impervious to sexual...
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    Girls you flirt with while in a relationship

    We all flirt with other girls, but I was wondering if you guys ever deal with cases where it becomes just 1 girl in particular you start flirting with more and more... To the point where you wonder what might happen if you broke it off. I was feeling that for like, over a year, but now the girl...
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    making sex exciting again

    So, I've been with this girl like, 3 yearsish. And there aren't real problems or anything, but we both have noticed that the sex isn't as exciting/fulfilling anymore. We, of course, still have sex just about every time we're together -- many times a week, and often more than once a day. But it's...
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    broke up with my girl cause i wanted to bang other chicks

    I feel like a complete ******* but that's really the only reason why. She's great in bed, treats me amazing, has her own life, super attractive, go-getter. Am I ****ing stupid?
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    Damn, why is it that being taken just makes all these girls want me more?

    Why does the universe have to work this way?
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    Observation: the best sex happens when it's "not allowed"

    Some of the most raunchy, hot sex I've had has been... - In public - With her family in the next room, no lock on the door - Interrupting her last minute packing (and having her miss the train) - Before everyone at the party heads out to hit the town, "helping with her make-up" in the...
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    How many of you guys actually consciously try to be "alpha"?

    I'm curious because I think I tried it a few times way back when, but I've always found it easier to just "vibe" with whatever party/group I'm in. My gameplan is to be genuinely interested in whoever I'm hanging out with... That's all I've really needed.
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    girls that flirt heavily and want to hang out but know you're taken

    Any productive use of taking these girls up on hanging out? Aside from the ego boost of them flirting with you? Cause I've started agreeing to these encounters to see what it's like.
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    Social proof seems to be the most important thing in college/high school

    The other day I went to this party and people I hadn't met heard my name and said "Hey I've heard about you! Everyone says you're like 'the most interesting man in the world' from those commercials!" I didn't have to do **** but have a few shots and introduce myself and I had all kinds of people...
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    Whatever happened to "sleep with 10 women?"

    I remember making some whiney posts here back in the day and getting the answer "sleep with 10 women before you even think about her." Haven't seen much of that lately.
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    Even my grandpa knew what was up

    So we go to my grandparent's wedding anniversary and my little cousin is asking questions about what it was that got them together... So my grandpa pulls out some old pictures and he's like "well, as you can see, your grandma was a very good-looking woman... She had a boyfriend at the time but...