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    Cold Approach Success Rate

    For those of you who are actually serious about cold approaching women, I'm curious what your success rates have been. "Success" could be defined as a variety of things, but I would say at the bare minimum, getting a date or kissing, and ideally having sex. Getting numbers does not count as a...
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    Any chance of meeting hot girls on dating apps?

    Any chance for an average looking or slightly above average looking guy to meet hot girls on Tinder or similar apps? I'm assuming cold approach is the only chance I have to get with a HOT girl. Has anyone had luck on Tinder with really attractive women? For reference, I'm in a small to medium...
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    Do street approaches ever work for you guys?

    I've been getting into cold approach. I've had some good interactions with women when they are stationary (like sitting in a park, for example) but I haven't really had any good interactions on the street. The times I've done it they usually walk away quickly and are creeped out. A lot of stuff...
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    Approaching Women

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I'm finally deciding to overcome my mental block about approaching women and try to get over my general social anxiety. I'd love to actually talk to some of you guys either on the phone or over zoom/skype or something to actually have a conversation with some of...