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    curious about the guys opnion here

    so what you guys think, I find this strange, but i'm curious so here is the case some friends most single, but anyone who start to date bring the sate for the group, so its pretty chill group, but here is the strange part a girl of our group starting dating a dude, but she don't ever bring the...
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    lost here again....

    ok i'm lost here like I said, I should be like a fool or something well let me toss what i'm doing here now, talking with a girl all nice and dandy, she did jsut terminated a relationship so I was doing my thing talking with here sometimes, then this week on monday we was talking and said to...
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    how you can get passion/will

    ok reading and trying to make myself better I take one thing I lack, passion, I normally am the cold guy, distant, and if I have to chose over staying at home relaxing or going out, I will stay at home. my question is what you guys did/do to find something, something you guys really like to...
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    yeah its me again

    so I want to ask what you guys think about this kind of situations. one was I was looking at some girl I know, and she says to me stop looking, my boyfriend don't like, I tell her if he have a problem with that he can talk with me about it with a grin. so what you guys would say here? I...
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    question about punishment

    I was reading here about when a girl disrespect you, or do anything you don't like you punish her, like ignore her, don't call her. so I'm wondering what else you can do to punish a girl for bad behavior(yeah like a child :) ) can you guys share opnions historys about it? I do find it...
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    doubts of a noob

    so hey guys second post, following things here and reading a lot. so let's get to this kind of problem who is kinda eating my mind now. I did try to hit on the girl who work with me, well it didn't fly, and we get in bad terms for some time, after our boss kind said for both of us to stop...
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    new guy on forum question(s)

    well lets see, I have been reading the tips for new members about a week now, and i'm still reading trying to learn and all, and since i'm new on this i'm with some questions, more like ideas to fix a situation here. so here is the case. I work in a office then about a 1 year and half we...