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    Time to debunk "The Wall", the biggest cope among the manosphere

    True, but keep in mind men find women in their early 20s most attractive regardless of their age. Women are most attracted to men around their own age.
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    Marriage does not benefit men

    I'm not going to read the entire thread to see if this has been addressed. The reason married men are healthier on average is due to female sexual selection. Fit, healthy, attractive and competent men attract women. Unhealthy, fat slobs are typically incels. They aren't healthy because they're...
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    How many women have you had sex with?

    Oh, I know
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    How many women have you had sex with?

    I don't really believe in love and I still like to get to know the person.
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    How many women have you had sex with?

    34 in a week. Just counted all the gals and came up with 21.
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    Are men hypergamous?

    Correct, men are biologically hardwired to find the overwhelming majority of women in their peak child-bearing years attractive. This doesn't quite bear out in the current marketplace due to the obesity epidemic. However, if a girl isn't overweight or obese, between the ages of 19-24 and...
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    Are men hypergamous?

    I often hear the claim "both men and women are hygergamous and desire the best mate possible." I disagree completely. As a man with knowledge of female nature, I desire a woman who has lower SMV than I for a long-term relationship. I know that on a biological level women are most satisfied...
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    The Myth of Chad (Who Has a Thousand Lays)

    False. I've had that many and I'm nowhere near top 1%. Roughly 80th percentile
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    Career advice

    Can you elaborate so I sound like I know what I'm talking about?
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    Career advice

    Non poker players often think that. I and other players can attest that in the overwhelming majority of cases the opposite is true. If you're actually a famous millionaire poker player, sure. If you're grinding out a living at 2/5, no way, Jose.
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    Career advice

    Depends on skill. Can be 6 figures
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    Career advice

    Not bad!
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    Career advice

    2/5 usually. Sometimes 5/10
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    Career advice

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    Career advice

    So, I'm a professional gambler and women generally detest gambling. I used to be honest about my profession with women, but began lying due to their adverse reaction. My current go to is that I'm a real estate investor, but I've been thinking of coming up with a new storyline. Any ideas?
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    Corey Wayne....

    If you're writing a book on game, obviously you should have receipts. However, merely being RP is a different story as there is no implication of sexual success.
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    Corey Wayne....

    Why do RP men have to pull? PUAs and dating coaches should have to pull and show receipts.
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    Do you think there are men that are so hard up that they would sex something like this?

    Huh? Of course she has access to sex. Any women has easy access to sex unless she has severe physical deformities, is grossly morbidly obese (500+lbs) or elderly.
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    This girl finally decided to have sex with me after I baited her with a snap of the girl I’m banging

    I tried this recently. A few girls blocked or unfriended me and a few showed renewed interest. I'd say roughly a 50/50 split.
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    I started at 25. 33 now, just have 5 inch dreads so I can do a comb over. I think I can hold on a couple more years then wigs/transplant.