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    It's Embarrassingly Pathetic How Women Can't Even Cook anymore

    They refuse to learn as some kind of political statement when in reality it’s a very basic life skill. You can’t always have someone else cook for you and you can’t just eat ramen all the time.
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    Woman sues dating agency for matching her with man who was less than 6 feet tall

    God damnit. Why do I have to ****ing be Tom Cruise?
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    Lower back pain from leg day

    I actually hurt myself some time ago doing dl. It wasn’t as bad, but when I get back to doing leg day (my back still hurts) I want to do them again. In fact I want to do all leg day stuff again because I know it helps all lifts. I don’t want a strong upper body but skinny legs. Also I find my...
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    We Are On Verge of Complete Dating Collapse

    There will be no collapse and nothing crazy will happen just because there are narcissistic women and incels. It’s always been this way.
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    Milf who does Crystal Meth - hook up?

    There’s one rule you must always follow in regards to tweakers: You got to shoot em in the head!
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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    I don’t eat eggs. I eat “Just Egg.” It’s different.
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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    I also have rice and bread. I mash chickpeas and made sandwiches.
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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    I eat lots of chickpeas, tofu, tuna, bananas, and artificial meat. That might be my biggest problem there. Also just egg. I used peanut butter and veganaise. Also I don’t use protein shakes or bars when I am trying to cut.
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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    Also I am talking about genes because some guys just need intermittent fasting whereas I need more than that.
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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    I’m just as confused as most people. I am vegan so I really don’t want to cut out carbs. I still eat fish. My main concern is with counting and measuring food. It’s so tedious.
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    Intermittent Fasting and Measuring

    If I am doing IF…do I also need to meticulously measure my food? I’m talking a food scale paired with myfitnesspal and cutting out entire food groups. I want to lose weight and have my abs be somewhat visible. My genetics aren’t good for it and nobody in my family has ever had visible abs...
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    I just find it simultaneously funny and obnoxious how you refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks, yet protest lockdowns and restrictions. If it weren't for your stubbornness and conspiracy theories there wouldn't be a need for restrictions, lockdowns, and all the other bull**** involving COVID.
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    How’s the tinfoil hat feel?
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    Covid 19 Vaccine

    I agree. It should be mandatory. How brain damaged must you be to refuse it?
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    Back to it for me
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    Pulled Muscles

    I pulled a muscle a little while ago doing squats. It’s a lower back muscle and I haven’t been going to the gym. It’s driving me nuts at this point and was wondering if anyone has any experience and if cardio will make it worse.
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    Fat girls

    Ya know, I’m just wondering what you guys think a fat chick is? Tbh if a girl has a concave stomach she is way too thin, if her hips are really thin she is meh, if she is curvy she is perfect and she is doable until she develops the third chin or her second chin gets too big.