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  1. FlexpertHamilton

    Can someone red-pill me on the safety of tap water?

    I've been drinking tap water my whole life and I was pretty convinced it's perfectly safe. However due to my increasing distrust of the government and medical authorities I can no longer trust it is fully safe to drink. I am mostly concerned about flouride and pharmaceuticals that are found in...
  2. FlexpertHamilton

    So tired of Snapchat...

    So many girls I talk to online want to talk on Snapchat, and 100% of the time after tell them I don't have one, they go radio silent, even if they displayed high interest early on. I don't normally like to make threads complaining about something without offering any solution, but I really am...
  3. FlexpertHamilton

    Picking up girls at their workplace

    So I have general story I'd like to share that has some insights as well as questions. A few weeks ago I went to a local coffee shop and I met this cute barista who works there. The interaction was quite brief but we chatted a bit and I could tell she interested if not intruiged. I went there...
  4. FlexpertHamilton

    How do you approach women without chasing them?

    Now that the warm weather is returning and people are becoming (slightly) more lax about covid horse****, my city actually has a fair bit of young women to approach outdoors. I'm pretty rusty with approaching, haven't really done it for about a year and a half, and in that time I've had a...
  5. FlexpertHamilton

    Why do some women ghost after sex?

    I recently had a first "date" with a girl who drove over an hour on a weekday night to come to my place, having only talked briefly for a couple days beforehand. We hung out for a couple hrs talking and had some drinks. We ended up having sex and she spent the night. She complimented me...
  6. FlexpertHamilton

    Eating a girl out

    I've heard arguments on both sides in regards to this question: is it "pedastalizing" to eat out a girl? Some will say its placing too much importance on her and making her gratification the focus of the sex rather than your yourself. Some guys will even say it's irrelevant if the girl cums or...
  7. FlexpertHamilton

    Anyone else find it harder to have sex with less attractive woman?

    I've noticed that when I'm around woman I don't find super attractive, it's a lot harder for me to be "lusty" towards them. I don't feel much sexual tension and it's harder to get excited. This can all be interpreted by them as a lack of interest. When I'm with the 8s or even most 7s I find it...
  8. FlexpertHamilton

    Hate sharing a bed with a girl

    Anyone else relate? I struggled with insomnia in my early 20s and figured out ways to solve it, but these are pretty much all thrown out the window when I sleep with someone. The snoring, the cuddling, sharing blankets, tossing and turning, and the fact that I can't set the thermostat to 65F...
  9. FlexpertHamilton

    How do you handle women who hang out with guys?

    I'm not in a relationship or anything right now but I ask this because I find it an interesting point of discussion and there seems to be a bit of contention on how to handle this. First off I strongly believe that male-female platonic relationships are almost impossible. There can be some...
  10. FlexpertHamilton

    Is my text game that bad...?

    I started using OLD again for the past few weeks and almost every situation ends like this; flakes, ghosting, or just completely dies (usually I ghost them out of lack of conversational interest). I'll upload 2 screenshots of recent text threads I have, with the hopes someone can make sense of...
  11. FlexpertHamilton

    OLD feels like a waste

    I'm fairly good looking guy and have a nice apt in a popular part of the city. But I don't have much luck with OLD, they mostly ghost or flake on me before I can even meet them. Others won't even agree to meet because of the "pandemic". Granted, I probably only spend an hour or two on it per...
  12. FlexpertHamilton

    Straight to your house date tips

    My entire f***ing city is shutdown and there's almost nothing to do. It doesn't help that it's winter (midwest) and cold. I truly have no idea what to do for dates now. There are only a few restaurants open, with outdoor seating only, and a winery. There's also a hookah lounge. Otherwise...
  13. FlexpertHamilton

    Babymaking/chill playlists

    I have a babymaking playlist madeup here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/02H1BgSdG4iMd6HMFY2HUU?si=7ZvN8kVoS7mZ9ZY3XPaCcA Any recommendations? Feel free to share yours if you have one.
  14. FlexpertHamilton

    Almost zero interest in women

    I am not depressed and last time I checked my T levels were good (may need to revisit that though). I take care of myself fairly well: I keep my stress levels down, get lots of sleep, and have a solid diet/meal plan that works quite well for me. I take a fair bit of supplements as well...
  15. FlexpertHamilton

    Teeth whitening

    Anyone have experience with this? I have a dentist appointment soon to get them professionally whitened as its only $250 but I'm wondering if that's overkill. My teeth aren't yellow or anything but they definitely need whitening. I have heard many consumer products are just as effective such as...
  16. FlexpertHamilton

    Why are curse words censored here!?

    And when is this going to be changed?
  17. FlexpertHamilton

    Simple peacocking ideas?

    I remember being on a date at a bar a few years ago and the girl I was with kept looking at this dude with some sort of feather thing in his hair. She kept saying "what is that!!?" and looking at him with this mix of bemusement and intrigue. Ever since then it kind of reminded me the power of...
  18. FlexpertHamilton

    The current state of the "manosphere" especially red pill/game awareness.

    You could consider this my "intro" post... I first discovered game/pickup in late 2013 and started out with RSD. After a couple years I started to find them distasteful, and started gravitating towards big-picture stuff (masculinity, hypergamy, etc) and read a lot of rooshv, rollo, chateau...