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  1. evan12

    How to move to entrepreneur if you are paid good salary

    So I have a high paying job that pay all my bills plus live kind of comfortable life ( not luxury or anything , still have to watch my spending ). I tried many times to leave the employment and start my business, however there are many issues that stopped me every time : 1- The ideas I have...
  2. evan12

    Jordan Peterson , A hope of Canadians (Professional Red Piller anti Radical Feminists)

    This guys is amazing , everyone in front of him just look plain ignorant and idiot, too many men are following him , too bad he is now very sick and might not be able to live longer , guys help this guys by spreading his anti radical feminists arguments. Watch these videos, you will love them
  3. evan12

    Handsome or strong and dominant , which score better

    I know in Tender age, men with better looks seem to be getting women more easily than men with other qualities. But what about the biological need for the woman for a dominant strong man. Which man woman will really prefer : Handome with average dominance or high dominance with average look ?
  4. evan12

    Why women want to look such nasty and masculine?

    I noticed too many women these days have military hair cut or just totally shaved , some coloring their hair with pink or green, they just look nasty and unsexy at all. The question is why they are doing that, I know women in general want to look beautiful and sexy, so how that contribute? are...
  5. evan12

    List your business case study here to benefit everyone

    This is improvement of thread " To 10 businesses under 10K ". I noticed everytime we read such list of businesses that are under X or Y$ we end up not doing anything , simply because there is no details, for example only saying "Handy man " or "Copy writer" will not be helpful as no details how...
  6. evan12

    Should we Redpillers help BlackPillers

    I was lately reading some articles from incels.ca website, and I was amazed how many of them are quick to swallow the black pill and end all their ambitions, some of them not even 18 years old . While I can agree some of their arguments are valid, but it is against life , all the life is trying...
  7. evan12

    Example of a good date, just witnessed one

    So today I was in cafe, and a black man in his mid forties was sitting waiting his date, soon after a white woman over 35 showed up, and from how the introduced sound like they are meeting for the first time and most likely from dating website, the man was calm , he was talking about his...
  8. evan12

    How to respond to this kind of harrasment

    Today an old man with dog, was walking by us and he said "You have such a beautiful daughter" , my daughter is less than 2 years old, but for some reason and the way he said it, I felt like he was meaning it to my wife. that got me angry, however he did it in smart way that I cant call him on...
  9. evan12

    Be aware of women who use "vocal fry"

    I always was annoyed by women who use vocal fry, even if they are not talking to me, I cant stand it, but I didnt know it is a new trend, I though this is how Canadian women talk. As per article, it is a way the young women showing that they have now more power and authority...
  10. evan12

    How is your money doing this year?

    Did you find any new source of income ? I personally got a soft hit because the market went down , from new sources of income prespective, strugguling to find a side business that not conflict with my full time job. It is really challenging to find profitable business these days , it seem each...
  11. evan12

    Any experiese with Subway fast food franchise ?

    I keep reading different opinion about it , some people think it is the best investment they ever done , and some think it is the fast way to be suffering and broke. The reason I am interested it is cheap franchise compared to other successful chains.
  12. evan12

    Feminist by the day slvt by the night (FBDSBN)

    Am I the only one who noticed the most misandrist type of women who are feminists and in the same time slvts ? I have met during my professional life some of these women who look professional usually feminist , yet they seem so slvtty and they cant help just reveal that some times. These women...
  13. evan12

    Will Manosphere soon become illegal ?

    black pill website (Incels.is) was already took down and some members was contacted by FBI according to some posts. Reddit already showing warning when you try to enter any black or red pills threads. Feminists are lobbying to ban manosphere websites as they claim it spread misogyny If search...
  14. evan12

    Does diet pills such as green tea pills works ?

    I see many positive reviews on them and seem to be real review , any one tried them ?
  15. evan12

    Prince Harry, the alpha beta

    Today prince Harry got married from a divorced woman older than him by 3 years. if you argue she is celebrity, I would argue she is not your typical hot celebrity, in fact she has barley average look. Although he is officer in army , in today wedding he looked very beta. he looked like high...
  16. evan12

    Cant get woman after a lot of reading here is why it would be :

    Depending on which stage you fell you can categorize your self : Stage One : women never look at you, and if you approach them they reject you Reason : you are not attractive enough , try to look better or hit less attractive /older women. Stage two : Women some times look at you, and seem...
  17. evan12

    Why some guys here putting girls pics on their profile ?

    if you are a female leave it , but for others why you are putting female pics to your profile ? I cant get a good reason. I heard men who doesn't have women pretend to be women on the net , could this have a link ;) ?
  18. evan12

    Dating a girl that does not use "please,thanks" but use direct commands

    So I am dating a girl that she is kind of confidant, and what bother me she never say "please,thanks,sorry" , so her sentences look more like commands, which sometimes bother me. I want a way to make her talk in more nicer way, put in mind she is not rude, but I just used to deal with people...
  19. evan12

    How to breakup with a girl without hurting her feelings

    So I was dating this girl for two months (mostly messages and only few meetings and calls ) .Will she get really hurt after only two months ? the thing is she didnt do any thing bad she is just not a good fit for me . This is the first time I want to end the relationship and we both are good and...
  20. evan12

    Why rental properties if they return is so low

    I know it is easy choice , but most rental properties ROI is less than 5% beside the hassle , isnt stock market a better deal , I am still think with all its fluctuations is better .