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  1. Young OG

    My Cousin and his Meth Head "Sugar Baby"

    Some of you might remember the thread I made about this last summer. My cousin is an older guy who is fat, ugly, and balding. He owns multiple businesses in another state that are run by his business manager. His "girlfriend" is a 41 yr old Latina who smokes meth. They met on Seeking...
  2. Young OG

    Pulled Muscles

    Around 2.5 weeks ago, I was working out too hard and over working my muscles. I pulled a muscle in my back that seems to go into my side. I also must have pulled my upper abdominal muscle on the same side. I'm thinking they are someway connected. I originally felt some back pain at the gym but...
  3. Young OG

    Phoenix Wings

    I have a small group of guys that I go to clubs and bars with to game. We are always looking for more people to add to the group. If you live in the Phoenix area and you are interested, please send me a PM.
  4. Young OG

    My Cousin Is The Biggest Beta Cuck Ever

    I have a cousin who is a lot older then me and he really is getting me angry lately by his stupidity. I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice, want to vent, or hoping that you guys will learn from this. Maybe I'm looking for all three. He is older, over weight, and balding. He owns several...
  5. Young OG

    PETITION: 7-year-old boy should not be forced to live as a girl

    https://lifepetitions.com/petition/i-support-the-father-of-6-year-old-boy-being-forced-to-live-as-a-girl PETITION: 7-year-old boy should not be forced to live as a girl! Family friends of Jeffrey Younger, a Texas man trying to prevent his ex-wife from turning his 7-year-old son into a girl...
  6. Young OG

    Tinder girl wanted me to take her on expensive date during the day

    I'm not looking for advice on this. I just wanted to share this with the forum. You guys will probably get a laugh out of this one. So, I matched with this 29 yr old Hispanic girl on Tinder. I sent her my usual opener. After she responded to my opener, she asked me what my sign was. I kind of...
  7. Young OG

    What to do about Thai virgin girl

    I don't ask for help very often on here but I could use some advice on this. I met this 26 yr old Asian girl who moved here (USA) a year ago from Thailand. She is a virgin and has never had a boyfriend. We have hung out twice now. She sucked my dVck both times and it wasn't very good. I've also...
  8. Young OG

    Had My Testosterone Checked

    I had my testosterone checked. It came out to be 513. My doctor told me my levels aren't low enough to get testosterone. I'm 36 yrs old, low body fat, and I lift at the gym multiple times per week. Do you guys consider my levels low? If so, should I see another doctor? How am I supposed to know...
  9. Young OG

    My Cousin Is Addicted To Escorts

    I'm kind of worried about my older cousin. He is spending over a $1000 on escorts a week and paying for there Uber to his place. He has some regulars and hes always trying to find new ones. Hes having one over everyday and sometimes its two in one day. Hes not using condoms and there giving him...
  10. Young OG

    Should I Even Reply Back To Her?

    Last weekend a hot mixed girl approached me the bar. She seemed into me and I got her number. She even told me that I better text her. I text her the next day (Sun) and everything was good. I text her on Tue and she never replied back. I waited till Thur night and text her again. She replied...
  11. Young OG

    Young OG's 100 Days/100 Approaches Challenge

    Alright guys, I'm finally ready to get back into the game after a horrible back injury that happened in February. I have used OLD on and off since I first came here and have had some success, but now its time to become good at cold approaches. It doesn't look like I will find any quality women...
  12. Young OG

    Getting Back Into The Gym After Injury

    In the beginning of Feb, I tore some muscles on the right side of my back at the gym. Finally, I'm no longer in pain for about 2 weeks now. But, my right side of my back still feels kind of weird. It still doesn't feel normal but doesn't hurt. What is the best way to get back into the gym? I...
  13. Young OG

    Should I Quit PT?

    I pulled a bunch of muscles in my back at the beginning of February at the gym. I haven't worked out since then, have become thin again, and lost my gains. I have a fast metabolism and its hard for me to gain weight. I'm starting to become very angry and frustrated that I can't work out. I've...
  14. Young OG

    Was She Only Looking For Validation?

    So, there is the 24 yr old HB 8 that works at one of my accounts that I visit twice a week. I don't run into her every time I go there, but I usually see her at least one of the times I go there. For the last 2 months, she has been showing me what I thought was interest. A couple times she...
  15. Young OG

    She asked if I have facebook

    So, there is this 21 yr old HB8 that I've been texting with. We have met in person once. She text me "do you have facebook?" I have one, but I don't want her snooping around on it. There are a bunch of pics of my family and my kid. I don't mind her being added if things go well, but not at this...
  16. Young OG

    GF Ignoring Me After Fight

    I decided to give in and go exclusive with a plate. It was probably a mistake... We got into a fight on the phone yesterday during her lunch break. My kids mom somewhat caused it because of her changing her mind about switching weekends with me, so it messed up our plans. We also argued because...
  17. Young OG

    Plate Won't Wax Upper Lip

    So, my plate has really dark hair. She has some hair on her upper lip that is only noticeable when you get closer to her face. It irrates me and I can't stop looking at it. I finally said something about it. So, now she is mad at me. She said she's not changing everything about her for a guy and...
  18. Young OG

    LR: HB 6.5 20 YR Old OKC Girl

    Light skinned 20 yr old black girl Sent her my opener on okcupid. She responded back and told me that I'm very handsome. Exchanged a few more messages and got the number. I text her the next day. I said that we should hang out Friday night. She agreed and invited me over to her place. I went...
  19. Young OG

    LR: HB 6.5 25 YR Old POF Girl

    Messaged her on POF on Saturday afternoon. She had just joined, so I was one of the first guys to message her. She seemed really interested from the start. I got her number and she asked for mine. She was blowing up my phone for the rest of the afternoon. I set up a date with her for Sunday...
  20. Young OG

    Would Like to Know What Happened

    So, I'm really confused as to what happened with this girl. I could use some insight. There is this cute Hispanic girl who works at one of my works accounts. I go in there for about 30 mins, twice a week. Every time I go in there we talk a little bit and I flirt with her. Sometimes she would...