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  1. EyeOnThePrize

    Living In the Zone

    This thread will be a place where I write about the wisdom that I believe leads to ultimate fulfillment and life satisfaction, whatever that means to the self. The topic of this post is 'being in the zone'. I've been meaning to write about this topic for a while. There are countless books on...
  2. EyeOnThePrize

    Dose of reality(sluts profile)

    There's a couple forums and platforms where I find profiles that remind me of the chaos some people bring with them. I recently found a profile of a hot 33 y/o. This is her profile. She has at least 8 pics that seem legit and makes posts you would expect from such a person. "I'm not for...
  3. EyeOnThePrize

    Not Sh*t Tests, Think Gambling

    Sh*t tests imply a woman is some kind of authority to appease, that you must 'pass' or 'fail' their tests. This mentality is too limiting and warped. Instead think of yourself as a casino(the house) and women as gamblers. As the house you control the outcome of every bet. Red is rooted in love...
  4. EyeOnThePrize

    Unrequited Love?

    I had my ex over last night. TLDR: we had sex and i felt great for an hour or two after she left but then i felt weird and violated or something and i'm not sure where that feeling is coming from. has anyone had similar and has found out why? The relationship had ended over a year ago and it...
  5. EyeOnThePrize

    Be Like Christian

  6. EyeOnThePrize

    advanced game: texting

    most dating coaches and PUAs talk about keeping texting to a minimal and to stay off the phone but there is some power in being able to facilitate a woman's emotions through text. i used to be able to do this as a teen all the time, i think it was due to letting myself get worked up and letting...
  7. EyeOnThePrize

    A self deprecating girl

    How do you respond when a girl is constantly making fun of herself or putting herself down in conversation? I tend to say something positive about an unrelated topic to get her mind off self deprecation. Example: Me: 'wow thanks for your help with that mess, you were killing it with that mop.'...
  8. EyeOnThePrize

    stupid fun openers and tricks

    i thought of a fun trick just now. the bar has to be at least somewhat poppin. i'll go into the bar alone, hang out for a bit, talk to a few people and position myself on the opposite side of the bar to the hottest girl there. i'll then walk up to her, say something stupid like 'you ladies...
  9. EyeOnThePrize

    Thoughts of abusing the ex

    Incoming, wall of fuucked up text. Some of you know I'm doing a nofap challenge, and this is what it's come to lol TLDR: I've hardened again since last talking to my ex and want to fuuck her hard and use/abuse her like I did when I first started seeing her. She ignored my last text and it's...
  10. EyeOnThePrize

    Why have standards?

    This is kind of an open ended question that got me thinking. Lots of guys on here say 'just go smash', but a 10 to you might be a 6 to me or vice versa. Some only care if she's female and breathing, others want a woman with her own income, hobbies, kegel workout schedule, etc. Personally I...
  11. EyeOnThePrize

    NoFap challenge for personal growth

    I've done this before with good success. The idea is simple. I don't masturbate and direct the energy to other facets of my life. Any urges to go out and randomly smash girls simply to satisfy myself are seen as one step above masturbating and are treated the same. The energy is consciously...
  12. EyeOnThePrize

    Open your eyes

    The experienced folk have read this all before. This is for the people that haven't. And for myself, because writing my thoughts helps out them in order. A man becomes so sure of himself through self care that he starts to believe no woman can diminish him. As the man commits more time to the...
  13. EyeOnThePrize

    ams being funny

    AMS should be an actor, I'm loving his impressions in this one, his explanation of not giving a fuuck at the end is a useful one. that's probably a sweet niche market left to be tapped, 'entertaining life coaching'. he said he closes 10% of the time on the first date. i think my numbers are...
  14. EyeOnThePrize

    Puss break to focus on Life

    I've never had trouble getting laid but I've had problems with catching feelings, getting into LTRs, getting caught up and distracted with puss all my life. Recently I've realized just how much I've sacrificed in the name of tail and am pretty disgusted with myself. In LTRs I end up neglecting...