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  1. Young OG

    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    I mainly get Latinas online or at bars/clubs. If you van find a Latin club, then go there. Asian girls I rarely see at bars/clubs, so most of them I got online. Plenty of both on FB Dating and Hinge in my area (Arizona).
  2. Young OG

    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    One of the many reasons I no longer date white women. I would suggest switching to Asian or Latina. 3 years but it was one of those on and off relationships. We would break up and get back together all the time.
  3. Young OG

    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    I've done the same in the past. I planned on just smashing and then I ended up liking the girl. The relationship didn't last of course. The handle her comment is a big red flag. For some reason I have a feeling this girl is white
  4. Young OG

    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    She sounds like a handful. I would walk away if I were you. You're only 23, you have plenty of time to find someone else. Maybe he cares about her well being and doesn't want her to get infected?
  5. Young OG

    The Young OG Project (Journal)

    LR: 23 YR Old HB 7.5 Hispanic Club girl I met this girl a few weeks ago. She's the one from my last post that I approached and danced with at the club. I wasn't sure about her at first because of her response time with texting but everything ended up going as planned. We met at one of the bars...
  6. Young OG

    Any links to short mans guide to game here?

    You just need to put in more work then other guys do through fashion, gym, career, etc. Improve your life in everyway you possibly can and be very confident. Go for shorter women or ones the same height. I'm short (about 5'5") and I've noticed that Latinas and Asian women care about height less...
  7. Young OG

    Being an Orbiter

    It's just best to move on from her. Do not text her again even if she texts you. She just wants free attention from you. Your attention isn't free! When it comes to women, especially with online dating, its either comply or bye. If she doesn't comply when you try to set up a date, then you walk...
  8. Young OG

    Is this real? ( Filipina women )

    My current gf who I'm on and off with is a filipina. She's lived in the US for 6yrs and is an RN at a hospital. I've been kind of mean to her and she keeps coming back. She's a good cook and loyal. I've dated other asian girls before but not any from the Philippines. She's family oriented, low...
  9. Young OG

    The Young OG Project (Journal)

    I had a date last night with a 28 yr old girl from Hinge. She was really cute. I think she's Indian or something. She's going to be officially a doctor in a couple years. I met her at one of my usual bars I use for dates. We had a drink and the conversation was alright. She doesn't like kids and...
  10. Young OG

    Do attention h0es get satisfaction of stringing guys on?

    Why would you follow them in the first place?
  11. Young OG

    So tired of Snapchat...

    They might possibly see it as lower value. You could just say you have but you want there number. I have SC and IG but I rarely use them. It has also been happening to me more and more. Most won't give out the number even if you say that you only want that. I recently had a girl at a club give...
  12. Young OG

    So tired of Snapchat...

    Nothing wrong with how you are. I feel the same way but I actually have Snapchat. If I ask a girl for her number and she counters with Snapchat or Instagram, I tell her I'm only interested in there number. Sometimes they give the number and sometimes they don't. I'm also not afraid to lose a...
  13. Young OG

    The Young OG Project (Journal)

    I had a date tonight with a Latina/Asian that I met on FB Dating. She looked better in her pics. We met at a bar and had a couple drinks. She ended up having two kids with different dads. I invited her back to my place and she declined. I'm not sure if I'll even hit her up. She is only good for...
  14. Young OG

    Guy Confronted Cheating Girlfriend While She is with the Other Guy

    They also never take responsibility for cheating too. It's always "one thing just led to another" or something like that. Never there fault. You can't trust them no matter what.
  15. Young OG

    My Cousin and his Meth Head "Sugar Baby"

    Some of you might remember the thread I made about this last summer. My cousin is an older guy who is fat, ugly, and balding. He owns multiple businesses in another state that are run by his business manager. His "girlfriend" is a 41 yr old Latina who smokes meth. They met on Seeking...
  16. Young OG

    The Young OG Project (Journal)

    My back and abdominal injury have improved, so I went to the club last night for the first time in at least a month. I was supposed to meet a couple guys but they ended up flaking, so I went out anyways. I grabbed a drink immediately when I got there. I eventually started approaching. Then one...
  17. Young OG

    Open large set

    Are you approaching them and they tell you there only out for a girls night? If that is the case, they are rejecting you and aren't interested. Do you think they would say that to Channing Tatum if he approached?
  18. Young OG

    Feeling alive

    Most of the people I went to high school with look like crap now. I'm friends with almost my entire class on FB. Most of the guys are fat, bald, and wrinkled. The women look disgusting now. There a few guys in decent shape but not many. I'm 39 and I look like I'm 27-30 yrs old. I'm also in great...
  19. Young OG

    Pulled Muscles

    Thanks for the advice. It's been 4 weeks now since the injury. I started using heat last week and light stretching. I noticed when I don't do the stretching, I'm really sore in the morning. If I do stretch, it's less painful when I wake up. I'm thinking it could be a 2nd grade tear. It can...
  20. Young OG

    OLD - leave no-responders in the match list or unmatch?

    I usually give them 24 hours from when I messaged them. If they don't respond by then, they most likely won't ever respond.